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What is Docs QA?

Docs QA is a team of people who are working to review Fedora documentation for both accuracy and safety. The goal is to insure that the documentation that accompanies Fedora is as well polished as the product itself.

How to Help

There are two paths you can take in order to help. The first is to sign up to be a QA contact on the table guide, this means that you want to be the point of contact on that guide. You are responsible for working with the Guide Lead to insure that new content is check and that the guide is scrubbed for outdated information before each release.

The second way to help out to simply review content. Find out what needs a set of eyes, either in #fedora-docs or the docs mailing list, and jump in. After you check the content let the QA contact for that guide know that you have looked it over and that you found nothing, or file a bug (or identify in the current bug) what you found wrong.


+ QA Day or Week: A time frame before Docs go to trans that we make a big push to verify docs for release.