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Continuous Integration and functional tests in Fedora

Idea by: hhorak

Taskotron serves as general launcher of various tasks and one of those tasks could also be tests of particular components (packages or group of packages) that cannot be run during build (traditional unit tests). Example of such tests might be checks of functionality of whole daemon, whether it works with systemd, SELinux and other programs, which is not possible to test during build.

Even if Taskotron misses features to run destructive tests for just particular packages, Fedora would still benefit from having such tests already. Those would be run by users or some other system initially. Crutial thing is that we need to have a place for those tests and at least some few guidelines or best practices how the tests would be called. The implementation itself would be up to author.

Some projects worth looking at:, based on and possible to extend not only for containers