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Contents of the East Coast Event Box

Event Kit Item Cost (in US $) Status Notes
Shipping Container $181 (Total with Shipping) obtained order **Max ordered 6/1/09* Pelican 1610 (lifetime warranty)
Fedora Banner -
Fedora Tablecloth donated RH Summit 2010
Laptop Lenovo T150 SN:R9-5DW3Z From RedHat
XO Obtained serial # CSN74901A99
Heavy Duty Ext. Cord $18.88 obtained 14g 25'
Power Strip $6.97 obtained
Ethernet Cables $7 donated 2 7' cat6 cables
Small Router $29.96 obtained Belkin F5D7234-4 V3 SN:BE7020000335
Pens $0.87 obtained dozen pens
Markers $3.84 obtained 5 pack
Tape $5.27 obtained 60 yard roll of painters tape
Scissors $1.97 obtained blue
Hooks (to hang banner) -
Box of Gallon Size Freezer Bags $1.54 obtained For Organization
2 combo Locks $6 obtained 122636 3rlr (12R, 26L, 36R)