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This wiki page documents the current contents and details of the event box used for events attended by Fedora on the US east coast. The event box is the "essentials" of everything we need to successfully run and execute an event. This includes hardware, promotional materials, swag, and other equipment like power strips and cables.

NOTE: Even though the banners are included here, they are not included in the event box due to size! If you want to request banners, make sure you file a separate ticket for the event box AND the banners.


Item Cost (in USD) Status Notes
Pelican 1610 (shipping container $181 (inc. shipping) Ordered 2009-06-01
Case Badges (1000) $0.00
Table cloth $172.00 Purchased (FY17) ambassadors-na/tasks#161
Lenovo T150 laptop $??? Donated (Red Hat) SN: R9-5DW3Z; inc. charging cable
One Laptop per Child XO laptop $??? Donated (???) SN: #CSN74901A99; inc. charging cable
Heavy-duty ext. cord $18.88 Purchased (???) 14g 25'
Power strip $6.97 Purchased (???)
Fedora pens 350 $0.00 Purchased (???)
Fedora Pens (500box)
Pens $0.87 Purchased (???) Dozen generic ballpoint pens
Dry-erase markers $3.84 Purchased (???) 5-pack
Tape $5.27 Purchased (???)
Combination lock $6.00 Purchased (???) Combination: 12R, 26L, 36R
Various swag items Varies Purchased regularly Types and amounts vary, see recent tickets for more details (usually stickers, pens, patches, keychains, etc.)
Fedora Activity Day laminated posters (3) $??? Donated (???)
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B V1.2 $??? Donated (Flock 2017 workshop) For use with Fedorator; attached to back of display
Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen LCD Display $??? Donated (Flock 2017 workshop) For use with Fedorator; SN: X001AER3HJ
Fedorator assembly box $??? Donated (Flock 2017 workshop) 3D-printed box for use with Fedorator; placed inside small, blue bag with Raspberry Pi power cables
Samsung SD Adapter for microSD $??? Donated (Flock 2017 workshop) For use with Fedorator (flashing updates for Fedorator via the microSD card on the Raspberry Pi); placed inside small, blue bag with Fedorator assembly box