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The Fedorator is a kiosk device for writing a live image of Fedora onto USB flash drives. It is intended to be used on Fedora booths.

It's a box with a touchscreen and two USB ports exposed. The basic use case is the user inserting a flash drive. The screen then provides a menu where the user may select a Fedora release, including the Workstation or Spins and Labs. Upon selection a bootable image is written onto the flash drive. The process takes about 3 minutes with a decent flash drive.

At the core of the Fedorator is a Raspberry Pi. There are instructions available for anybody wishing to build a Fedorator, as well as the source code of the software. The cost of one Fedorator is approximately 130 USD.

Fedorator holders

A workshop for building several Fedorators has taken place at Flock 2017.

Please add yourself to this list if you are possessing or managing a Fedorator.

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