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David Labský
David Labský]]
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Home: Prague (Czech Republic, GMT+1)
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FAS-Name: sanqui
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GPG-Key: E9AED11BF0963207
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Hi! I'm Sanqui. I'm a Linux user since 2009 and Fedora is the distribution I have happily settled with.

I'm located in Prague and I'm studying at the Czech Technical University.

I'm a free software developer. I primarily use Python and most of the stuff I develop is naturally up on my GitHub. It is all pretty specific, but maybe you'll find something that interests you! My contributions to larger open-source projects are sparse, but it's something I want to work on.

I have a ton of interests and a presence in a lot of places. If you're interested, please peek at my homepage,

My email address is Feel free to also ping me in #fedora or #fedora-python. My public keys and accounts may be verified on Keybase.

Fedora involvement

In 2017, I designed a device called Fedorator. Intended to be used on booths, it lets you write bootable images of Fedora onto USB sticks.


I regularly attend: