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This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.
This is a page that describes policies of the Fedora Project.
For policy pages, accuracy and clarity are important. You are encouraged to edit the wiki to improve it. If you have any substantive changes to make to this page, use the talk page to discuss the changes with other page maintainers. Do this before making the changes.


This page not intended to be a style guide, but rather a guide indicating what technical elements are required for a wiki page to be considered complete from a wiki gardening perspective.

This page is not for teaching how to do wiki formatting, nor the special wiki formatting guidelines for the Fedora wiki.

Page naming

The current naming convention is to largely abandon the heavily nested page names that were inherited from MoinMoin. While this is not meant to supplant the [[Example_wiki_structure | standard for page naming] a simple statement of the rule is that if it is end user documention there should be no nesting. If the page is documentation specific to a sub-project it should contain no more than one level of nesting. The final guidance is that page names should be more natural language like. Thus this page is Example wiki page and not ExampleWikiPage. This provides better search capabilities.


Links to the Fedora Project wiki should always be internal links, and not external links.


Generally you should consider splitting a document into multiple pages if the document size exceeds 32KB. This is by no means a hard limit but rather one element to take into consideration.


If a header exists for a given project that a page belongs to it should be included in the documents.


You should subdivide your content with headings. Mediawiki automatically will create table of contents. Using headers also permits you to link directly to sections of a page.

Don't be afraid to sub-head ...

Subdividing content includes organizing it internally with deeper nesting.

... but try not to go deeper than this

If you find yourself getting deeper than four-levels of nesting, you are at risk of making a confusing mess for your readers.


Do not repeat content from another page manually. That creates additional work to edit and change. Using includes permits changes to occur in one place and be updated everywhere it is used.

This content is actually included from a separate page, Example wiki page include.


Each page should have at least one category, and it will be a rare page that has only one catgory. In our current implementation Categories are the guide spaces for the wiki. You can find a list of all categories here.