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rdieter, jeremy, warren




  • FAB has approved FESCo's proposal on handling the FESCo/Core Cabel migration.
  • Governance: FESCo will retain it's name, and will add notting & f13 to it's membership
  • Initial Mass-Review procedure finished for FUDCon.
  • jeremy/warren: start a thread about how to actually do the merge (sponsership issues)
  • Decide on Core Review process after further community input. Process approved by FESCo


  • Continue review of Core packages after release of F7. All packages need to review before the release of F8.

Topics for the next IRC-Meeting


Look at the summit pages in the wiki to see what was discussed on the meeting. Especially Opening Core

Long term

  • how do we review ~1160 packages from Core for Extras in less then X months (X=something between 2 and 5 afaics)?
  • will there be a release team? If yes: where is it's position in this game? At the same level or below FESCo (which is below FPB)
  • will community members like it if we switch away from the rolling release model in the future? Is there a alternatie for those that like the rolling release model? We might scare away our contributors otherwise...
  • how to we get lmacken's updates stuff merged with the current Extras push scripts? And the
  • should we also have a fedora buildsys sig temporary?
  • decisions on governance:
  • Details on new FESCo still need to be resolved. (When election occurs, number of members)
  • can FESCo (in)directly give orders to red hat people (you need to work on foo now, otherwise we don't get the package unierse in shape for F7)
  • has FESCo still enough manpower to solve issues the community has? do we need a community sig or something like that?
  • we should have that kind of online IRC Q&A after we officially announce the fedora merge plans