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Fedora Activity Day at Ohio Linux Fest to work on Fedora documentation for Fedora 16 release.


Sunday, 11 September 2011


Conference Room @ Drury Hotel Columbus, Ohio USA


Fedora Docs Project

Proposed Attendees

  1. Eric "Sparks"
  2. Jared "That Crazy FPL" Smith
  3. User:Jjmcd (but not Sunday or late Saturday)
  4. User:sgordon - Remote from BNE.
  5. Paul W. Frields
  6. Zach Oglesby
  7. Robyn "I have the most epic Fedora Friend Finder you will ever see" Bergeron
  8. Clint Savage


  1. Beta Release Notes at 100%. (Fridays night Room 607)
  2. User Guide updated for GNOME 3.x, KDE x, and default programs identified and discussed. (Fridays night Room 607)
  3. Smoothing out the translation process and removing barriers. What do Docs people need to be successful? Translators?
  4. Version numbers - What does it all mean?
  5. Work on other guides:
    1. Cloud Guide
    2. Security Guide
    3. Documentation Guide
    4. Python Guide
  6. Docs QA Process


Requested Technology

  • VoIP connectivity for those in distant lands