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This information needs to be updated.

This is the page where FAmNA ambassadors can sign up for gear!

FAMNA Ambassador Polos

Building on the successful and handsome polo shirts that Joerg Simon created[1], we have started procuring similar Fedora polos from Screen Printed Products[2], our preferred vendor in Ohio.

Here is a photo of the first batch of polos, below.


We are gathering names of Ambassadors in the United States and Canada for another batch order. The shirts are slightly cheaper now that we have paid the one-time design fees to the vendor. The shirts are $22.50 + shipping + 2% to cover PayPal fees, which should be around or less than $40 each or two for $65 within the continental US (higher in Canada). Please send your shipping address to I will issue a PayPal payment invoice to your address and the shirt will be drop-shipped to you.

Wiki name Size Quantity
User:juliovp01 Men's XXL 2
User:rugebiker Men's L 1

Fedora Long Sleeve Button-up


You'll notice that the shirts aren't ambassador-centric so if you know anyone else involved in Fedora who would like one, they can feel free to order one as well.

The cost per shirt is around $30 USD per shirt plus shipping. ($2 additional for every X over XL, so for example an XXXL would be $34)

I've worked it out with the supplier, you can order your long sleeve button-up shirts directly.

Embroid Me (361) 334-0898

Hours: 8:00a - 5:00p Central time, Monday - Friday

They're set up to take credit card payments, and can do 1 shirt orders for the above pricing. Generally the shirts will take 2 weeks to be completed and shipped, so expect them in 2-3 weeks after order.