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Please use this page to make your recommendation for the FUDCon to be held in APAC 2012.

Competing bids

The competing bids are:

The default recommendation (in case a consensus is not reached) is:

  • Defer to 2013 cycle

The trac ticket is here:


This sheet will give you an idea of what you should be comparing between the bids before making your recommendation.

  • Location
  • Travel costs
  • Local public transport
  • Accomodation
  • Venue
  • Safety
  • Bid cost transparency
  • Thorough bid planning
  • Additional info


Please fill in the table below to make your recommendation:

FAS user name User page Recommendation Comment
Example User:Example XXXXX Great bid!
udinnet User:Udinnet Malaysia Travelling to Malaysia will be the cheapest from Sri Lanka
dramsey User:dramsey Malaysia or Philippines Malaysia and Philippines are willing to work together to support each other. Malaysia has proximity to Singapore with Singapore's Red Hat facility. Philippines has Blue Point support and Philippines' team is very organized and willing to support Malaysia for FUDCon APAC. Lastly, I have not heard much about Beijing's bid. Malaysia has a strategic location and plenty of venues in Kuala Lumpur. Public transport train station to the venue. Safety as well as bid-cost transparency and planning are clear. Updated information, the Philippines' team has withdrawn their bid, and offer their strong team support to the FUDCon APAC awarded venue.
tuanta User:Tuanta Malaysia or Philippines +1 with dramsey.
Cicku User:Cicku I support Beijing(where I live) I think that this is a good chance to help promote Fedora in China.
bckurera User:Bckurera Malaysia or Philippines Agree with dramsey, however FAmSCo may decides one of the locations and what ever the location is MY or PH can make it happen and we help each other as well.
Nitesh Narayan Lal User:Niteshnarayan Malaysia or Philippines +1 for dramsey, and also it will work best for students if it can be planned after 10th December .