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There are whispers of some ham radio activity that is going to happen during FUDCon.

VE Session

  • There will be a Ham Radio VE session on Friday at 7:00 PM in MCB 202.

Repeaters and RF info

  • 146.985 T107.2 (Roanoke)
  • 146.715 (V-T ARA)
  • 146.520 (2m Simplex Calling Freq.)

Who to listen for?

(If you'll be listening to the above frequencies, throw your callsign here).

Name Callsign Comments
Ricky Elrod N8SQL Will have an HT and listen when not busy.
Kevin Fenzi KC0AGN Will have HT, listening sometimes.
Eric "Sparks" Christensen W4OTN Will have HT and will guard 146.520 and APRS.
Ben Williams KK4EWT Will have HT will be on 146.985 but when in McBryde I will be on 146.520
Nick Bebout K9NEB Will not have HT
John McDonough WB8RCR Will have HT, monitor 52 and 715
Evan McNabb KJ4RCG Will have HT, listening sometimes.
David Cantrell WH6DSN Had HT, was on 146.52, 223.500, and 927.500. Heard very little.