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The information on this page is outdated.
Please see FUDCon:Valencia_2012 instead.

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Margarita, Venezuela :: June 28 - 29 - 30, 2012 General event owner: Maria "tatica" Leandro

This is the general page for organization issues for FUDCon Margarita 2012. Feel free to contact me or any of the people involved on FUDcon LATAM 2012. Docs provided here might only be in spanish, however, we will do our best to translate then in order to make them accesible for all. Thank you, Maria "tatica" Leandro



Sponsorship requests

Item ammount $us Bs Sponsor Details
hotel rooms 30<>50 (double)
transportation at porlamar 100 people 0us$ 0Bs. Gobernación de Nueva Esparta 2 bus for general purposes
posters 500
Banners 5
T-shirts 150
Booklets 150
Flyers 5000 800 Donación personal Flyers genericos del proyecto Fedora
Water 1000
Lunch x3 150
breakfasts x4 150
saturday night pre FUDpub 150
Sunday FUDpub 150
paper ream 1 (500 sheets)


date owner task status
13 Feb - Lunes tatica Envio de Cartas de Patrocinio
14 Feb - Martes jloronoz Envío de Carta de Solicitud de sede a la UDO
27 Feb - Lunes pelobravo Reunión PDVSA
15 Mar - Jueves tatica Margarita para reuniones presenciales con sede, hotel y patrocinadores
1 Mayo - Martes tatica Deadline reservación de hotel
14-15-16 Junio tatica Dia D - Kaboom FUDcon