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Valencia, Venezuela :: August 23 - 24 - 25 - 26, 2012 -- General event owner: Maria "tatica" Leandro

Event Details

The 2012 LATAM FUDCon will be held in Valencia, Venezuela, August 23 - 24 - 25 - 26, 2012.

FUDCon is the Fedora Users and Developers Conference, a major free software event held in various regions around the world, usually annually per region. FUDCon is a combination of sessions, talks, workshops, and hackfests in which contributors work on specific initiatives. Topics include infrastructure, feature development, community building, general management and governance, marketing, testing and QA, packaging, etc.

FUDCon is always free to attend for anyone in the world.

  • Contact email:

Any bugs relating Our official site should be sent to


  • City: Valencia, Venezuela [1]
  • Univestity UJAP - Venue
    • Google maps UJAP Universidad José Antonio Paez
    • Official web site: UJAP [2]
    • Audience of 500 people for the first day in the morning and last day in the evening (opening and closing) and 3 rooms of 60 people.


August 23 - 24 - 25 - 26, 2012


  • 23 Hackfests: Thursday
  • 24 BarCamp: Friday, Saturday
  • 25 FUDPub: Sunday


  • Day: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Time: 23:30 UTC Check your country
  • Channel: #Fudcon-Planning
  • server:
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Sponsorship available

  • Booklets: allow attendees to have an agenda, directory, map and relevant information about the event.
  • Banners: intended to decorate the place that served as headquarters of FUDCon.
  • Hotel - Valencia
  • Posters: disseminated and promoted the event in public places to attract attendees.
  • Name tags: identify participants in the event. They will be pre-printed.


Please add your name to the list if you will attend. Also, please indicate the following:
  • Put an X in the $$$ column if you need funding to attend, and visit the FUDCon ticket tracker to make a funding request. We have a limited budget and will work hard to fund as many people as possible. We'll use these answers to help figure out budgeting for the event. We are making arrangements for attendees from other geographic regions to encourage specific initiatives such as future FUDCon events, but preference may otherwise be given to people in North America.
  • Put a V in the Veg column if you would like vegetarian fare for any meals that we provide during the event. If you prefer vegan fare, please mark that column VV. We will do our best to make sure everyone is accommodated! Note: "Hell No" and similar statements are offensive to some and should not be included in this column.
  • Put your T-shirt size in the Size column, so we can have an idea about what sizes to have available. Only Unisex (Mens Sizes will be ordered)
  • Roomsharing:
    1. If you want or need to share a room, mark yes in the "Roomshare?" column.
    2. Once you have a roommate, both of you should mark your roommate's name in the block as well.
    3. If you need a roommate, look for someone with just a yes in the column, and contact them via email. If you encounter any problems, let the organizers know.
Use the Comments section for anything else you think organizers need to know, or to offer or ask for space or rides.
Fedora means freedom — registration is free and open to everyone.
You can pre-register anonymously, but now is a great time to create a Fedora account if you don't have one! For those new to Fedora, you can register in the Fedora Account System and follow the instructions there to complete the FPCA. This process usually takes less than 5 minutes. The information you enter below is viewable by anyone, and is considered Publicly Available Personal Information.
# Name $$$ Veg Size Share room? Comments Hotel booked extra line for badge Country TEAM
1 María "tatica" Leandro Yes NO M (woman) Yes User:richzendy No No Venezuela Ambassador, Design, Marketing, Translation
2 Edwind "richzendy" Contreras Yes NO L Yes User:tatica No No Venezuela Ambassador, Packager, Spins
3 Oliver Rivas Yes NO XL Yes No No USA / Venezuela
4 Guillermo Gómez Yes NO L Yes No No Venezuela RPMDev, Ruby SIG, Fedora Documentation Project
5 Luis Bazan Yes NO M Yes No No Panamá Package Maintainer, Ambassadors, Infrastructure
6 Carlos "pelobravo" Marcano Yes NO XL No No No Venezuela Ambassador,Support, Documentation
7 Antonio Salles Yes NO! XL Sure - - Chile Fedora Ambassador & Sysadmin & Red Hat Expositor
8 Larry Letelier Yes NO! L Sure - - Chile Fedora Ambassador, Support, BBQ man
9 Itamar Reis Peixoto Yes NO! L Yes, :-) No - Brazil Fedora Ambassador, Packager,
10 Daniel Bruno Yes NO M Yes No - Brazil Fedora Ambassador, RPMDev, Infra LATAM
11 Abdel G. Martínez L. Yes NO S Yes No No Panamá Ambassador, Package Maintainer
12 Kellerman Rivero Suarez. No No XL Yes No No Venezuela Ambassador
13 Robert Marcano No No L Yes No No Venezuela Package Maintainer
14 Henry Anchante No No M Yes No No Peru Fedora Ambassador & Sysadmin
15 Valentin Basel Yez No M Yes No No Argentina Fedora Ambassador & software developer for educational robotics ICARO
16 Lenno Azevedo Yes NO M Yes No - Brazil Fedora Ambassador, Marketing, Brazilian Documentation(Wiki)
17 Yader Velásquez Yes No S Yes No No Nicaragua Fedora Ambassador and Package Maintainer
18 Wolnei Tomazelli Junior Yes No M Yes No No Brazil Fedora Ambassador, Artwork LATAM, Testing and Spins
19 Wilmer Jaramillo M. Yes No S Yes Yes No Venezuela
20 Naudy Villarroel U. Yes No M Yes Yes No Venezuela
21 German Ruiz Yes No S Yes No No Nicaragua
22 Raul Odria Yes No S Yes Yes No Venezuela
24 Christoph Wickert Yes Yes L Sure No cwickert Germany Ambassador, Packager, Spins, FAmSCo, Board, whatever
25 Andres Pascasio X NO L Yes No - El Salvador Fedora Ambassador, Packager,

Free Media Program

26 Alejandro Moncada Yes NO L Yes No - Colombia Fedora Ambassador
27 Alejandro Perez Yes NO L Yes No - Panama Fedora Ambassador, Packager, Localization, Ruby Sig
28 Lic. David Mata Yes NO L Yes No - Venezuela Fundación Infocentro
29 T.S.U. José Conde Yes NO L Yes No - Venezuela Fundación Infocentro
30 Dennis Gilmore No No XXL Yes No dgilmore Australia Fedora Release Engineering and Infrastructure
31 Igor Soares Yes No M Yes No igorps Brazil FAmSCo, L10N and I18N
32 Alberto Mijares Yes No S Yes Yes No Venezuela
33 Rodolfo Retamales Yes NO! M Sure - - Chile Fedora Ambassador & Sysadmin
34 Neville A. Cross Yes No L Yes No YN1V Nicaragua Ambassadors
35 José Edgardo López Yes No L Yes No magjogui El Salvador Ambassadors,Packager,FreeMedia
36 Adrian Alves Yes No L Yes User:danielbruno No alvesadrian Argentina Ambassadors,Packager
37 Aura Lila Gutierrez Yes No S (women) Yes No Lilixx Nicaragua Aspiring design
38 Gonzalo Gomez Yes No XL Yes No Gonzalorush Chile Fedora Ambassador
39 Alexcander Labrador Yes No L Yes Yes No Venezuela
40 Cristian Suarez Yes NO! XL yes - - Chile Fedora Ambassador
41 Hector Alonso Mendez Orantes Yes No XL Yes No Evorock El Salvador Aspiring software and hardware developer for educational robotics
42 Maria Gabriela Perez Yes No M Yes No m0000g Venezuela Social Networking FudCon Venezuela
43 Jose Carlos Garcia Diaz Yes No XL Yes No Chepecarlos El Salvador Aspiring developer and designer
44 Gloria Elizabeth Rivera Jacobo X No S (woman) Yes No elyjacobo El Salvador Aspiring developer and designer
45 Alex Barrios No No S Yes No No Venezuela
46 Jorge Franco Yes No XL Yes User:arwen No No Vampii Argentina Asoc. Civil QuilmesLug
47 Elizabeth Sosa Yes No M (woman) Yes User:vampii No No Arwen Argentina Asoc. Civil QuilmesLug
48 mariel adarmes Yes No M (woman) Yes User:adarmemariel No No Venezuela
49 Ariel Barría Yes No M Yes No No Panamá Infrastructure
50 Aguasanta Gracia Yes No S (woman) Yes No No Venezuela
51 Alvaro Hernández Yes No XL No No No Venezuela
52 Pablo "paceh" Hernández Borges No No M Yes No No Venezuela Fedora Ambassadors
52 Miguel Useche No No M Yes No No Venezuela
# Name $$$ Veg Size Share room? Comments Hotel booked extra line for badge Country TEAM

Meetings - Logs

  • 25/05/2012 - [4]
  • 01/06/2012 - [5]
  • 15/06/2012 -
  • 22/06/2012 - [6]
  • 30/06/2012 - [7]
  • 11-07-2012 - [8]
  • 13-07-2012 - [9]
  • 20-07-2012 - [10]
  • 23-07-2012 - [11]
  • 25-07-2012 - [12]

Lodging / Hotel

We are going to be at Sauffer Hotel on Bolivar Norte Avenue, "El Recreo", Valencia, Carabobo State (spanish address: Avenida Bolívar Norte de la Urbanización El Recreo - Valencia). You can visit this website (spanish only): If you are going to make any reservations you can call and ask for the "FUDCON" (technology event) discount.

Travel and transportation

If you are trying to coordinate travel with other attendees, you may want to visit the travel planning page.

Getting to Valencia

  • Arturo Michelena International Airport (VLN) The airport, Arturo Michelena International Airport (VLN), is the nation's third busiest. It is served by all major Venezuelan airlines.
  • Simón Bolívar International Airport Simón Bolívar International Airport of Maiquetia (IATA: CCS, ICAO: SVMI) (Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional de Maiquetia Simón Bolívar) is located in Maiquetía, about 13 miles (21 kilometers) from downtown Caracas, Venezuela. Simply called 'Maiquetia' by the local population, it is the top international air passenger gateway to Venezuela among the twelve international airports in the country. It handles flights to many important cities in the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. Since 2000 the airport has been undergoing major changes in order to meet international standards and to improve passenger traffic, security, immigration areas and customs areas. Security measures have become top priority since the 9/11 events, and now departure areas and arrival areas are completely split into the lower and upper levels of the airport. Maiquetia airport has two terminals: Domestic (D) and international (I).
Estimated Cost
Quotes from Orbits Going on 2012-08-22 Returning 2012-08-27 Looking for fewer stops - Updates from Kayak on the same traveling dates.
Origen Cost Stop Route
Frankfurt, Germany USD 1.830 1 Madrid (Iberia)
Paris, France USD 1.119 1 Madrid (Air Europa)
Miami, USA USD 830 0 (Santa Barbara Airline)
Houston, USA USD 1.766 0 (United Airlines)
Newark, USA USD 1,154 1 Bogotá (Overnight)
Washington DC, USA USD 1.232 2 Miami, Puerto Rico (American Airlines)
Mexico DF, Mexico USD 843 1 Bogotá (Avianca)
Managua, Nicaragua USD 1.370 2 San Salvador, Bogotá (Lacsa- Avianca)
San Salvador, El Salvador USD 1.345 2 Bogotá, Panama (Copa)
San Jose, Costa Rica USD 1.214 0 (Lacsa)
Panama, Panama USD 579 0 (Santa Barbara Airline)
Bogota, Colombia USD 547 0 (Copa)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil USD 804 1 Panama (Copa)
Manaus, Brazil USD 904 1 Panama (Copa)
Sao Paulo, Brazil USD 895 0 (TAM)
Brasilia, Brazil USD 915 1 Panama (COPA)
Quito, Ecuador USD 767 1 lima (TACA)
Santiago, Chile USD 893 1 Lima (LAN)
Lima, Peru USD 524 0 (TACA)
La Paz, Bolivia USD 1.283 1 Lima(TACA)
Cordoba, Argentina USD 997 2 Santiago, Bogotá
Buenos Aires, Argentina USD 989 1 Lima (TACA)
Buenos Aires, Argentina USD 1000 0 Caracas

Directions from Airport to Hotel

Map To Event, FUDPub Hotel

At the hotel

The hotel has a significant amount of parking and has told us they don't believe there will be a problem accommodating some out of town drivers there.

Network Access

There will be wireless ethernet available at the hotel and event location, thanks to Digitel.

Packing List


  • Appropriately fresh clothing
  • Laptop with 802.11g wireless
    • Extension cord
    • Ethernet cable (for hotel and/or hackfest)
    • Optional: Bring a Fedora Friend Finder (power strip)
  • Credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or small amount of cash
  • Your presentation slides or anything needed for the hackfest

International visitors:

  • Passport/visa and any other official documentation needed
  • Converters for power (reference link)

If staying at the hotel:

  • Optional: swimsuit.

Currency / Money / Prices

here is an interesting link about Venezuelan currency. I know it's kind of tricky, but I'm sure a lot of people in here will be happy to help (specially if currency is exchanged online).

Regular price of a meal in Venezuela may go from 50-100Bs.F Taxi prices may go from 30-100Bs.F

Transportation airport/hotel/venue/hotel will be covered by Local Team, however, if you're arriving too soon, or leaving too late (FUDcon Official dates are 22(normal arrival) - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 (normal departure) this extra expenses will be on your own, as same hotels, meals and any other expense outside this dates.

We are happy to provide as much help as we can so you can enjoy your stay in our Country.


FUDCon is a community event in which the complete schedule is developed interactively starting with an opening orientation session. Attendance at orientation is recommended for those who are new to this format, or to FUDCon, Fedora, or free and open source software community events in general.

General Schedule

  • Thursday, August 23
    • Starting at 9:00am - 5:00pm, Hackfests / Workshops. FPL State of Fedora.
  • Friday, August 24
    • 9:00am - 5:00pm.
    • Morning: Barcamp pitches. Later in the morning, for duration of day: Barcamp sessions. Hackfests/Workshops.
  • Saturday, August 25
    • 9:00am - 5:00pm, Barcamp Hackfests/Workshops.
  • Sunday, August 26
    • 9:00am - 5:00pm, Beach FUDpub. Bring your swimsuit!
BarCamp sessions Proposals

Please fill in the following grid with proposed BarCamp sessions: (If listed here will be Printed and at the Site ready for your Pitch)

Name Topic Description Special Requirement
Carlos Reges Strategies to implement and promote educational software in educational institutions Explain problems and possible solutions to implement strategies and plans the use of free software in the field of education. Video-beam, blackboard and markers.
Adrian Alves How to build an RPM - -
Cristián Suárez A. Rodolfo Retamales C. Installing, Configuring and Using the Moodle Platform on Fedora and a vision of other educational platforms Deploy a workshop about installation and configuration of moodle or also known as Courses Management System on Fedora and information and presentation of other educational platforms (Edmodo, Chamilo). A laboratory with PC or laptops and a Projector.
Cristián Suárez A. Rodolfo Retamales C. Development Activities and Experiences with Fedora in Chile Activities, events and experiences that the Ucentux community has made in Chile with Fedora and ideas have been implemented to encourage users to use Linux with this distribution. Projector.
Antonio Salles High Availability with Fedora The planned or unplanned downtime not always are the result of poor maintenance of a system, but a poor design of this architecture. Usually this downtime of a service can't be avoided by setting up a poorly designed system but can be improved using high-availability solutions using free software of Fedora. Datashow and internet with availability to try communicate outside with openvpn
Workshops Proposals

Workshops are a classroom style session session (with varying levels of interaction) teaching about software or processes

Hackfests are collaborative sessions to work on a problem, issue or area of Fedora.

Type User Topic Description Special Requirement
Hackfests Valentin Basel Hacking Robotic Valencia 2012 Icaro Boards are designed to engage children with programming using robotics. OLPC may be a good partner for this idea. What we should accomplish is create documentation on how to use icaro boards with OLPC and packaging required software. Room with tables, pcb boards, parts, motors, sensors, soldering iron, multimeter, usb cables, laptops (hopefully people will take theirs), camera, voice recorder o video recorder will be nice.
Hackfests Antonio Salles Cloud computing using Openshift OpenShift is a cloud computing platform as a service product from Red Hat. In this cloud our developers can use Git to deploy web applications in different languages on the platform, also supports some binary programs and allows the use of arbitrary frameworks. OpenShift takes care of maintaining the services underlying the application and scaling the application as needed. Datashow and internet with availability to try communicate outside with openvpn.
Hackfests Luis Bazan Full implementation of Nagios Is a popular open source computer system monitor, network monitoring and infrastructure monitoring software application. Nagios offers monitoring and alerting for servers, switches, applications, and services. It watches hosts and services. It alerts users when things go wrong and alerts them again when those wrong things get better/resolved. Datashow and internet.
Talks Proposals
Name Topic Description Special Requirement
Abdel Martínez (Panamá) Presentación general RPMDev LATAM Es acerca de contribuir con sw en la distribución. Es acerca de contribuir con documentación a la distribución. Es acerca de ayudar a nuevos desarrolladores de sw libre
(*) Taller de empaquetamiento RPM Cómo crear un paquete RPM.Tutorial completo para crear archivo spec.
(*) Uso de mock/koji/bodhi Detección de BR.Aislamiento del entorno de la estación.Reproducción y reparación de fallas en entornos de construcción.Construcción de rpms para otras archs/versiones de la distribución.
(*) systemd de la A a la Z Del booteo a la gestión de servicios.Qué se ganó, qué se perdió.Minituto de como crear su unit file.
(*) Taller Gestión del Software RPM, YUM y PackageKit.Repositorios espejos.Repositorios personalizados.Distribución del software.Pulp, Spacewalk.
(*) Hackfest RMPDev empaquetamiento Empaquetadores resolviendo problemas específicos.Ayuda y promoción de nuevos empaquetadores
(*) Creando documentación Fedora DocBOOK XML.Introducción Publican.Preparación de documento para traducción.Traducción de documento, poedit vs Documentation Project
(*) Hackfest RPMDev documentación Revisión de documentos actuales.SMG busca colaboradores (nuevas secciones, delegación de secciones actuales)GDR busca colaboradores (esperamos tener a Valentin presente).Hembriones de nuevos documentos.Ideas para nuevos documentos, Firewalling Fedora y Progamando Ruby en Fedora.
(*) Ruby coding dojo
(*) Bienvenido Unicorn, adiós Mongrel
(*) Sistemas y mejores prácticas para equipos de desarrolladores profesionales Sistemas de control de versiones básicos para desarrolladores.TDD con Ruby.Cucumber BDD, Ruby y Python.Continuous Integration, herramienta mandatoria para desarrolladores serios.
(*) Ruby 1.9.3 llegó para quedarse ¿Qué se perdió?.¿Qué se ganó?.Estadísticas.¿Puedo seguir usando Ruby 1.8.7?
(*) Firewalling, detección y prevención de intrusos, iptables, psad y fwsnort firewalld remplaza service iptables (guiones sysv)

Nota: (*) Temas sugeridos. (This topics are suggestions of gomix... you can take one or suggest a new one) If you want to propose a talk just send us an email, here are the current proposals sessions FUDcon Latam


Lista de Gadgets que se proponen llevar:

  1. Docking Plugable compatible con multi seat in Fedora 17. Link No es lo mismo hablar de multi seat que verlo funcionar en caliente. Neville
  2. Programador PicKit2 para programar los IC de icaro


T-shirts made by @tatadbb t-shirts