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Organizing Team

Local Allies

  • María Elia, Cowork Latam organiser.
  • Marcello Farías, SoyuzLabs programmer.
  • Macarena Botta, Sinergia Cowork

Proposed dates

The proposal consists of 5 consecutive days from September 8th until September 12th 2016

  • Thursday: Arrive, registration, keynotes and preparation to Barcamp.
  • Friday: Barcamp.
  • Saturday: Hackcamp.
  • Sunday: Fudpub.
  • Monday: Departure.



About Montevideo Uruguay

It is located right in front of the sea, Montevideo it's a strategic and international point as much as Punta del Este but way more cheap and full of activities. It has beaches, parks, historical places, beautiful architecture and many services, among other interesting things. Being the capital city, it has everything centred and at hand.

Useful information about the province

  • Area: 194 km² (capital city) 1,350 km2 (province/department)
  • Capital: Montevideo
  • Population: 1,319,108
  • Distance from Airport: 19 km from downtown (Carrasco International Airport). 16 km from downtonwn (Melilla Secondary Airport).
  • Weather: mild subtropical, with fresh wind and nice springs.
  • Average annual temperature: 18 - 21°C
  • Average annual precipitation: 900 (mm)
  • Meters above sea level: 43 mts.
  • Calling code: International: +598.

International Airport

Carrasco International Airport


Maps: Carrasco Google Map

Transport from and to the airport

It is easily accessible using public or private transport. We have chosen for organizational reasons, hire a private service with estimated cost 200 USD (considering 20 people).

Map: Carrasco3.jpg

Outline of local mass transit

City's public transport is bus and taxi. Bus costs are U$1 per person. Taxi costs are U$1 first 100 mts. and U$0.10 every 100 mts. Usually, cabs capacity is up to 4 people though you can ask special cars if needed.


Pro and cons about the proposed location


Montevideo has a strategic location as central point of MERCOSUR, with connections and direct scheduled flights (national and international) to major Latinamerican cities (Panamá, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Rio do Janeiro, Santiago de Chile, among others). Besides the international airport has a bus terminal station, and important highways and roads to all points inside the city.

  • It has also a rich and long history with many points to visit, like The Samotracia's Victory, Salvo Palace, Blanes Museum and many others.
  • Many natural places and beautiful parks.
  • Rich and varied cultural places and activities like artisans fairs, universities and more.
  • A rich and varied cuisine with many local dishes and drinks, like Chivito, Chajá Dessert, Ravioli alla Carusso and Grappamiel; but also with many good restaurants offering new cuisine or international dishes like French, Italian, Armenian and others.
  • Low costs in organisation and transport, while keeping the high quality.
  • Nearer for southern countries and contributors.
  • Many transport lines and ways. It's accessible by bus, ferry and charter. From certain points, it's possible to use train as well.


  • Aeroplane tickets to Montevideo aren't outstanding, but aeroplane tickets from Montevideo are a bit expensive. On the other hand, there's many other ways to get Montevideo (like bus and ferry) from the surrounding countries so it shouldn't be a great impediment.

Proposed venues

Option 1: Sinergia Coworking

It is located right next to the sea and near to the city centre. Its pros are: internet connection, good ambiance, almost perfect catering service, illuminated rooms and low costs. Its cons are: maybe a bit small room. Price: U$520 (both spaces, barcamp and hackfest rooms, two days)



Option 2: Espacio Serratosa

It is located in the old cask of the city (Ciudad Vieja) which is, at the same time, historically interesting, beautiful and centric. Its pros are spacious illuminated rooms, nice ambiance, good internet connection. Its cons are: a catering not as adequate to this kind of events as Sinergia and a higher cost. Price: U$700 per day (both spaces, barcamp and hackfest).



Option 3: Cowork Uy

It's an international company dedicated to give offices for co-working, startups and events.

Pros: Place near to the sea, interest and enthusiasm for this event.

Cons: Only one room. Too little. Higher costs, comparatively.



Since this is the first time Montevideo hosts a FUDCon should be a good idea to visit certain points like Pocitos beach, Punta Carretas lighthouse, the city's old cask (Ciudad Vieja) and Blanes Museum.


Considered as major airports, which are located in the capital cities of each country

City Airline Price Connections number
Buenos Aires AirFrance USD 132 direct
Buenos Aires ColoniaExpress (ferry) USD 40 direct
Curitiba LAN USD 325 1 connection
Rio de Janeiro Aerolineas Argentinas USD 286 1 connection
San Pablo Ega Bus USD 150 direct
San Pablo Gol USD 469 direct
Porto Alegre Gol USD 131 direct
Miami American Airlines USD 1071 direct
Atlanta TAM - American Airlines - Republic American USD 1648 2 connections
Atlanta American Airlines - Republic USD 1918 1 connection
Houston United Airlines
Aerolíneas Argentinas
USD 1209
USD 1209
1 connection
1 connection
Guatemala Avianca
Copa Airlines
USD 982
USD 1124
2 connections
1 connection
San José de Costa Rica Copa Airlines
USD 1741
USD 1751
1 connection
2 connections
Panamá Avianca USD 2116 2 connections
Quito Avianca - Transamerican USD 1240 2 connections
Santiago de Chile Ega USD 150 direct
Santiago de Chile Aerolíneas Argentinas USD 235 direct
Lima Aerolíneas Argentinas USD 1036 1 connection
Córdoba Ega USD 106 direct
Asunción Argentina airlines USD 570 1 connection
Bogotá Lan USD 963 1 connection
Caracas Avianca USD 755 1 connection
La Paz Avianca USD 1798 1 connection
Córdoba Aerolíneas Argentinas USD 351 1 connection
Managua American Airlines USD 1289 1 connection


We have considered these options for receiving attendance: First one is a three star hotel located at the city centre (America Hotel), often chosen by people who's used to do international travels. Second one is also three stars, located in the old cask, with some interesting features like transport service from airport (paid separately), lugagge storage and a staff speaking many languages.Third one is a four stars hotel near to the sea, also in the centre area. All of them may do a discount for groups.

Star Rating Hotel Name Reference Price Condition
* three stars Hotel América 145 USD three persons internet, private room (breakfast and coffee included)
* three stars Posada Del Gaucho 100 USD three persons free wifi, private bathrooms, shared room (breakfast included)
* four stars Ibis Hotel 77 USD two persons internet, private bathroom (breakfast buffet included)

Transport to FUDCon

Given the chosen hotels are near to the event places proposed, there's no need of transport besides some occasional cabs. Taxi or remise service won't cost more than U$50 counting 20 people, if needed.


To define at the event.


Item Description Cost
1 Lodging (double rooms for 20 people for 4 days) USD 750
2 Venue USD 520
3 Aeroplane tickets for 20 people (average) USD 9000
4 Transport USD 39



Please add your name to the list if you will attend. Also, please indicate the following:
  • Put an X in the $$$ column if you need funding to attend, and visit the FUDCon ticket tracker to make a funding request. We have a limited budget and will work hard to fund as many people as possible. We'll use these answers to help figure out budgeting for the event. We are making arrangements for attendees from other geographic regions to encourage specific initiatives such as future FUDCon events, but preference may otherwise be given to people in North America.
  • Put a V in the Veg column if you would like vegetarian fare for any meals that we provide during the event. If you prefer vegan fare, please mark that column VV. If you have any special needs like allergies or ill, add it. We will do our best to make sure everyone is accommodated! Note: "Hell No" and similar statements are offensive to some and should not be included in this column.
  • Put your T-shirt size in the Size column, so we can have an idea about what sizes to have available.
  • Roomsharing:
    1. If you want or need to share a room, mark yes in the "Roomshare?" column.
    2. Once you have a roommate, both of you should mark your roommate's name in the block as well.
    3. If you need a roommate, look for someone with just a yes in the column, and contact them via email. If you encounter any problems, let the organizers know.
Use the Comments section for anything else you think organizers need to know, or to offer or ask for space or rides.
Fedora means freedom — registration is free and open to everyone.
You can pre-register anonymously, but now is a great time to create a Fedora account if you don't have one! For those new to Fedora, you can register in the Fedora Account System and follow the instructions there to complete the FPCA. This process usually takes less than 5 minutes. The information you enter below is viewable by anyone, and is considered Publicly Available Personal Information.

Add your name to the list if you will attend. FUDCon is free and open for everyone to attend.

After the bidding phase is over, this information will be used for the actual registration.

# Name T-shirt Size Roomshare? Hotel Booked? Country Comments (extra line for badge)
1 foo foo L yes No Argentina