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Locale Preferences


This relates very much to localization; while system-config-language sets the default for all available locales on a system-level, and language preferences for users do such on the user-level, users might often need to change just one, two or several LC_* environment variables, but not all of them. This feature is about providing an interface to mere mortal users, enabling them to adjust their locale settings.

Owner(s), Contributor(s) and Interested People

  • Name: JeroenVanMeeuwen (Owner)

Current status

  • Targeted release: ??
  • Last updated: Tue May 06 2008 by JeroenVanMeeuwen
  • Percentage of completion: 0%

Detailed Description

As a non-native English speaker, using US/English as the system language will end up in all LC_* environment variables being set to en_US.utf8 by default, while you might need LC_PAPER to be set to nl_NL.utf8 (so that the paper size is A4 instead of Letter). Similar use-cases can be found all around the globe, and as such this impacts lots of users; many of which will, presumably, not know how to change these settings.

This feature exists of two parts:

  • Change what sets the LC_* defaults from s-c-language to s-c-date.
  • Create a user interface to adjust the system default LC_* variables.

Extra thoughts

  • System Defaults: Change what sets the LC_* defaults. It should not necessarily be impacted by the default language chosen for the system, rather then the timezone. This change applies to the anaconda timezone selection interface as well as system-config-language (optionally adjust LC_* accordingly, checked by default).
  • Changes to the system timezone after initial system installation should only optionally impact LC_* defaults. This impacts system-config-date (add checkbox to adjust LC_* accordingly, unchecked by default).
  • Users should be able to adjust their LC_* preferences via a nice GUI interface (or console interface), rather then setting the environment variables.

Benefit to Fedora

  • Setting the LC_* from the chosen timezone is more intuitive, to more users.
  • Being able to change these settings via a preferences dialog improves user experience.

NOTE: Users that live abroad may need to have a checkbox disabling changes to the LC_* when selecting a timezone.


Changes to system-config-date, system-config-language, anaconda, firstboot and the creation of a new GUI/TUI application.

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Comments and Discussion

See Talk:Features/LocalePreferences