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Just allowing to select individual LC_* components is not sufficient. They do not always have the right granularity. For example changing LC_TIME will touch both numeric time representations and day names. Most users will want to keep the day names in whatever language their current locale use, but be able to select a different numeric format (such as ISO 8601). So for LC_TIME and probably others you do not want to just select an existing glibc built-in but help users compose their own one (like other OSs do). -- nim

Other configuration items should be included as well. For example paper size is not only configured through LC_PAPER but also through /etc/papersize (with the paperconfig utility). However both Firefox and OpenOffice do not appear to respect these despite the explanation on DefaultPaperSize in the OpenOffice wiki. The PAPERCONF and PAPERSIZE environment variables also affect this for some applications. --M8ram 15:05, 7 November 2009 (UTC)