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Sugar 0.96


Provide the latest Sugar Learning Environment (0.96), including an enhanced activity set to provide an stable demo environment for Sugar as well as an environment for developers.

Sugar 0.96 will be the first release to support GTK+3 as well as new technologies like gobject-introspection, new introspection bindings, webkit. It will obsolete a lot of older libraries and is the first release cycle for converion to a complete GTK+3 + gobject-introspection based platform.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 17
  • Last updated: 2012-02-06
  • Percentage of completion: 100% : The feature is now complete and is fully working as expected. The final stable 0.96 sugar release is expected on 28th March.

Detailed Description

We want to provide the new version of the Sugar desktop environment as well as more activities to allow further building upon the collaborative environment.

Users curious about the Sugar interface can test out Sugar on an existing Fedora system by selecting the Sugar environment from their display manager.

Developers interested in working on the Sugar interface or writing activities can have a development platform without needing an XO laptop.

Upstream Sugar 0.96 [RoadMap]

Benefit to Fedora

This feature will let all involved projects like Fedora and Sugar Labs profit, as it brings the latest and greatest bits from the Sugar community for education into Fedora. By making Sugar more readily available, it's easier for users to play with it, become involved, and contribute back. It will allow us to capture the interest in developing for OLPC and Sugar Labs on the Fedora platform.


  • Build updated Sugar packages

Test Plan

Select Sugar as an option on the gdm screen for your account, log in, and use Sugar. Internet access through Browse should be possible. This will require the @sugar-desktop group to be installed, but should otherwise be straight-forward.

User Experience

Only noticeable by those wanting to use Sugar.


No further dependencies, thanks to the original work here.

Contingency Plan

None necessary. Many of the packages will be included in Fedora, but will be less useful without the work done to tie them together.


Release Notes

Update Sugar to the latest version 0.96 in Fedora 16.

Proposed features for 0.96 currently are:

  • Removal of HippoCanvas in preparation for move to GTK+3
  • NetworkManager 0.9 support
  • sugar-toolkit based on GTK-3
  • Initial support of and migration to PyPi
  • Bug fixes and improvements for Activities
  • New Browse Activity using GTK+3, webkitgtk, gobject-introspection
  • New Read Activity using GTK+3, gobject-introspection and various g-i bindings

The feature list isn't finalised yet

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