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Ambassadors meeting[2] on July 6th have been cancelled due to public holidays in the US.

But however, one of the ambassadors have organised a vFUDCon instead to talk about non-events topics . Ambassadors will have time to talk go through

On the schedule:

  • the future of subprojects of Marketing, such as Fedora Libraries, Fedora Education.....
  • test of DejaVu fonts
  • about various problems/difficulties encountered by ambassadors
  • suggestions for improvement
  • and perhaps discuss about the marketing of Fedora Core 6

This vFUDCon meeting is scheduled on Thursday, 6th July 2006 at 14:00 UTC

Location #fedora-mktg on


  • ChitleshGoorah
  • DamienDurand
  • PawelSadowski
  • JoergSimon
  • ThomasCanniot


Transcript :File:FedoraEvents vFUDCon Holiday log.text log.text]