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Fedora 14 release party + 2bil firefox celebrate!

When and Where

  • 18-20pm, 18 November 2010, Limassol, CYPRUS
  • Αίθουσα ΕΛΑΤ (κτήριο Λαϊκής τράπεζας απέναντι από το πρώην κτηματολόγιο)
  • The event will be held in Greek


  • Introduce students to linux and fedora project
  • Let them install and use fedora
  • Present open source software for their university needs


  • presentations (fedora project, firefox browser, design suite spin)
  • inform students and linux communities
  • print posters (done)
  • prepare greek uni-spin (?) + install fest
  • fedora usb creation
  • host a tele-presentation



Event Poster
Event Photo