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This page explains the workflow for submitting FWN articles to Fedora Insight. It is an adaptation of the FWN publication process to the Fedora Insight platform, and is part of the Fedora Insight Workflow series.

How to submit a beat

If you are interested in becoming a beat writer, see NewsProject/Join for instructions.

If you are already a beat writer, nothing about your process has changed. You will submit their beats to the Fedora Project wiki as you have been doing before; instructions for this are described at FWN/WorkFlow.

For beat writers, Fedora Insight is another outlet for the content they are writing; the FWN editor will republish FWN via Fedora Insight in the same way that other Fedora Insight content is syndicated or republished via FI, such as Fedora Planet postings, news from lists, event reports, etc.

But if you're a beat writer, nothing has changed. You simply submit your beat on the wiki the same way you have always been doing, and it will automatically be brought onto Fedora Insight.

How to edit an FWN issue into Fedora Insight

The most straightforward way to republish FWN content to Fedora Insight is to copy each wiki-rendered beat from a given FWN issue and submit these as individual publications for the FWN publication type:

[Fedora Weekly News beat]

Submit each of these in the order in which you want them to appear. You can use the weighting variable in each FWN pubtype that you edit so that the beats appear in an explicit order. Lower numbers appear higher, so follow the order of the beats that appear in FWN, numbering each successive beat with a higher number so that it follows the same order in FWN. Be sure to note the FWN issue number in each beat as this is how the beats will be aggregated when publishing the general news article, below.

Also denote the issue and beat in the appropriate field as this will become the beat header within the published issue. It is fine to click the "Publish" button for each of these instead of the "Ready to Publish", since in this workflow the editor is doing the re-publishing of already edited content.

Publishing a General News article for the FWN issue on Fedora Insight

Once you have completed adding all of the beats from an issue in the FWN pubtypes, you're ready to create a general news publication that will appear on the front page of Fedora Insight and point to the full issue.

Edit a new publication for the General News pubtype, with the title "Fedora Weekly News, Issue xxx" with the appropriate issue number.

For the body of the posting: "Fedora Weekly News, issue xxx is now available." Use the javascript editor to create a link for the word available, and use the following to point to the aggregated beats comprising that issue:

where xxx equals the issue that you'd like to point to. Note that the above URL will change as we move to staging and then production.

This section is not finished.
But maybe that's okay, since there are a small number of editors and we can expect them to all know the process. Still, we may want to add a link here to "how to become a FWN editor" for those who are interested.