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Fedora Meetup London


Determined flexibly for the respective next meetup, based on audience preferences / availability.

Next meetup planned for April or May 2024.

A ballot will be opened or linked in the current discussion topic (see Communication Channels section below): feel free to mark any day that would suit you but keep watching the discussion topic in order to confirm your attendance when the very day has been determined.

Meetups will be in the evening between Monday and Thursday (no weekends).


The events will take place in Central London, always close to at least one of the London terminals. Places will be determined flexibly for each meetup (e.g., Red Hat Office, Central London university buildings). Determination is based on audience preferences and availability at the time of the meetup.

Event Description

The meetup serves as a place for the Fedora contributors to meet in London in asynchronous intervals , to stay in sync with each other's contribution, and to seek and exploit synergies and collaboration but also to exchange in general. The meetup also serves for folks interested in Fedora to get introduced to the Fedora community and get started with using Fedora and contributing back to the community. It might also serve as outreach to other communities.

Communication Channels

The meetups are discussed on Fedora Discussion, with each meetup getting a new topic to keep them comprehensible. Topics are chained (each topic will start with linking to the respectively last one and end with linking the respectively next one) to keep them connected & easy to be identified. The current topic is:

Also, the Fedora UK channel in Matrix is used to engage in more casual discussions around the London meetups.

Fedora credentials will give access to both communication channels.

Event Owners