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Fedora-Ops Channel FAQ

No Univited Lurking
This channel is for channel operators and invited persons. Other users may join to discuss their concerns about #fedora or #fedora-social but may be asked to leave after their issue has been addressed.

This page contains information about the fedora-ops irc channel on


The fedora-ops channel is for coordinating and discussing management of the #fedora, #fedora-social and #fedora-unregistered channels.

Please note that the IRC Support SIG does not manage all #fedora-* channels. We only manage #fedora, #fedora-social and #fedora-unregistered.

Support Questions

Fedora-ops is not an end user support channel. Please do not join to ask support related questions here, instead use the approprate support channel for your question. Guidelines Apply

The standard guidelines and policies apply in this channel. Please avoid off topic items.

You may be removed from the channel if you don't follow this policy.

Complaints About Other Channels

The #fedora-ops channel is not a place to complain about behavior or issues from other channels. Joining #fedora-ops to complain about your ban or quieting in other channels besides #fedora, #fedora-social or #fedora-unregistered may result in you being banned from this channel. Please take those complaints up in the appropriate forum.


If your problem is not resolved in #fedora-ops please feel free to file a ticket on our issue tracker. Tickets are reviewed weekly.