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IRC Support SIG

What is the IRC Support SIG

The Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Support Special Interest Group (SIG), is a group of people who seek to improve support and overall experience users get in #fedora and promote a fun social area in #fedora-social.


Anyone can be a member of the SIG. Just start helping others in #fedora, chatting with others in #fedora-social and attend our weekly meetings in #fedora-meeting at 17:00UTC (Noon EST or 1pm EDT) on Thursdays each week.


Currently the SIG controls/manages the following channels:

  • #fedora - This is the main support channel
  • #fedora-social - This is the main social channel.
  • #fedora-unregistered - This channel is used to hold unregistered with freenode folks before they join #fedora for support. Channel operators of #fedora and #fedora-social are also operators of this channel if they wish.
  • #fedora-ops - This channel is for coordinating and discussing management of the other 3 channels above. All #fedora and #fedora-social operators are also operators in this channel by default.
    • Operators in #fedora, #fedora-social and/or #fedora-unregistered are requested to join and idle in #fedora-ops.
    • Invited contributors can be allowed temporary invitee status by nomination from an op and a second from any other operator for a maximum of 2 weeks. For longer term invitee status a vote should be required as defined below. Invitees have no voting privileges as provided those in the irc-support-operators FAS group.
    • Those not in the above 2 groups are welcome to join and discuss an issue or concern from the other 3 channels, but are asked to then depart after their issue or concern is noted.

Code of Conduct

The IRC Support members must follow the defined Code of Conduct when moderation of users is required.

Voting Members and Voting

A subset of the SIG will make up the irc-support-operators FAS group and be able to vote on issues brought up for a vote before the SIG.

  • Members of the irc-support-operators FAS group are anyone who is an operator in any of the above listed channels (4 channels as of 2012-05-11), anyone voted in as a voting member, and the FPL (Fedora Project Leader) only in the case of a tie vote.
  • In all cases (aside from promoting/removing members), broad consensus should be attempted first and if no clear consensus can be reached a vote should be taken. All new operator/voting member tickets require a vote.
  • Members of the irc-support-operators FAS group should remember to listen to the community as a whole when making decisions.

Items Requiring Votes

All tickets requiring a vote have two phases:

  1. The discussion phase: This happens at the meeting following the ticket being filed, and optionally at the discretion of the ticket filer or meeting chair, additional meetings to allow for sufficient discussion.
  2. The voting phase: Once at least one discussion meeting has happened (and optionally additional ones), votes will be taken in the ticket and the next meeting, after which the issue shall be decided and the ticket closed.

The ticket will be updated noting when each phase is in progress.

At the discretion of the nominator and/or the primary chair for the meeting, voting can be extended before or at either of these meetings. The ticket should include the discussion meeting date and voting meeting date. At this time meetings are held on Thursdays, a ticket filed on Tuesday or Wednesday does not have to be discussed at that Thursday's meeting at the discretion of the nominator and/or the primary chair for that week's meeting. Should the primary chair of the discussion or voting meeting feel more time is needed they have the option of extending the discussion period there by changing the vote date, this should be noted in the ticket description.

The community will have a chance to discuss items requiring a vote with the members of the irc-support-operators FAS group in an open forum at the discussion meeting prior to casting their vote.

After the discussion meeting the ticket will be voted on by using the ticket system and the final voting meeting. A +1 means a yay (yes) and a -1 means a nay (no) with a +0 (abstain) option. Any final issues should be brought up on the ticket during this period.

At the final voting meeting, all votes from the ticket will be tallied and members of the irc-support-operators FAS group will be queried for votes if they have not posted their vote or if they would like to change their posted vote on the ticket. These ticket items should be brought up as the last order of business for the final voting meeting before the open floor. Wherein the ticket is either passed or denied based on the majority of +1/-1 votes, abstaining (+0/-0) votes not being counted. In the case of a tie the sig should ask the FPL to either have the final word or appoint a non-voting member to do so for them. The final voting meeting is not a time for discussion, all discussion should be taken care of at the discussion meeting or on the nomination ticket prior to the final voting meeting.

Operator/Voting Member Tickets

New operators/voting members are nominated by existing members of the irc-support-operators FAS group using the ticketing system. If you are interested in one of these positions please contact an existing member to sponsor and nominate you. Please include the nominee's primary IRC nick and what channels they are being nominated for in the ticket subject. Nominees are encouraged to be active on the ticket for their nomination and to attend the discussion meeting so they can respond to any questions or address any concerns if they are able, this is not required.

Existing operators/voting members can be removed in roughly the same way as the process to add them. Inactive members can be removed if there is a majority vote as described in the voting part of this document.

When and if other channels wish to join the sig, rules for that can be added for that channel.

Mailing List

The IRC Support SIG has an open mailing list (subscribe to post) at:

General ideas or discussion welcome there.

Trac Instance

The IRC Support SIG has a pagure project at

Use your Fedora account (FAS) to login and leave us a ticket.


Q: I wish to bring up an issue to the sig, how can I do that?

A: Please file a ticket on our pagure project: irc-support-sig it will be looked at at the next meeting.

Q: I've been banned or quieted in #fedora or #fedora-social, how do I appeal?

A: If you have been banned or quieted from either #fedora or #fedora social *do not* join the other channel to appeal your case. We ask that you join #fedora-ops and state your plea or apology (please note that you may be asked to leave after your case is noted) or more effectively file a ticket on the irc-support-sig pagure project. Complaining about your ban or quiet in one channel on the other channel may result in a ban from both channels.