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Prioritized bugs and issues

This list of Prioritized issues and bugs is a part of the Prioritized bugs and issues process].

Approved Prioritized bugs and issues

Bug ID Summary

Already solved bugs, previously approved as Prioritized

Bug ID Summary
1306992 PackageKit accumulate over 18GBytes of RPM packages in /var/cache/PackageKit/metadata and fill my root filesystem with unused RPM files
1306992 PackageKit accumulate over 18GBytes of RPM packages in /var/cache/PackageKit/metadata and fill my root filesystem with unused RPM files
1366004 [abrt] setroubleshoot-server: <built-in function isinstance> returned a result with an error set
1413306 Pointer speed on some Dell laptops (XPS 13, Precision 5510...) too slow with recent libinput (inc. 1.6)
1410175 python3 fails to start on a RHEL-7 kernel with Fatal Python error: failed to get random numbers to initialize Python
1399396 Plasmashell freezes
1146232 no VM networking; 'default' network in the VM conflicts with 'default' network on the host
1366897 Many apps crash in gdk_event_source_check when logging out of GNOME
1375468 [abrt] nautilus: nautilus_window_slot_get_allow_stop(): nautilus killed by SIGSEGV
1556790 System suspends immediately after application releases idle lock (e.g. movie playback ends)
1563674 Nautilus silently fails to delete non-empty directories on Samba share
1558485 auto-suspend can't be disabled when GDM is active
1625142 In Gnome Wayland, forward-key-event does not work well, breaks space key completely
1385432 Dracut exhibits numerous AVC denied errors during cleanup, takes long time to power off
1548586 get_best_query().filter(latest=True) is returning incorrect results
1625645 selinux prevents loading of anything inside /etc/cron.d
1576903 Switch User menu item is missing
1715699 LiveOS boot, journalctl is missing many early messages
1750120 unable to paste/copy between host and guest
1168118 Custom UEFI layout with /boot/efi on second disk fails: is_valid_stage1_device not called on disks after the first

Unsolved bugs, previously approved as Prioritized and now removed from the list

Bug ID Summary
1367666 [Wayland] Stability is worse compared to X11 session due to intolerance for display server or gnome-shell crashes
1340203 goa-daemon not stopped on logout, and gnome-keyring unusable on next log in
1405539 changing the default keyboard layout changes also disk decryption in plymouth, but only after kernel update, long after
1394755 screen recording freezes GNOME under Wayland when gstreamer cache is updated
1336435 Require all other updates to be installed before allowing to start system upgrade
1490490 Plymouth doesn't echo LUKS keypresses or show boot progress with amdgpu+LUKS