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This event took place on 8th Dec 2011 and it was very successful with more than 250 undergraduates. Event Reports and Photos can be found below.

This is the event page for the Fedora Event planning to held at Rajarata University. LK Community page can be visited for more info.

Date and Location

  • Date : 8th December 2011
  • Time : 01:30am - 04:30pm (Local Time, GMT + 5.30)
  • Location : Rajarata Campus web site
  • Hall : Auditorium, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Rajarata.


Speaker Registration

If you are interested of having a speech please fill the following table. Please limit your session maximum of 45 minutes.

# Topic Description Your Name
1 Introduction to Fedora project/Contribution What is this project and how & why to contribute. Buddhika Kurera -
2 F16, how to get it ready to write and test your PHP web apps Installing and configuring LAMP correctly under Fedora Environment Uditha Bandara
3 Firefox developments and intro to FOSS User Project Developing Firefox adons and introduction to FOSS User Project Ramindu Deshapriya


1230- 1300 Registration
1300- 1315 Opening of the event

1315- 1415 Introduction to FOSS/ Linux/ Fedora - Buddhika Kurera
1415- 1445 Demonstrate F16 (release party)- Hasitha Jayasooriya
1445- 1515 Bash Shell and Bash Scripting Introduction - Buddhika Kurera
1515- 1530 Refreshments
1530- 1700 LAMP in Fedora - Uditha Wijerathne
1700- 1730 How to join with f.po / Importance - Buddhika Kurera

1730- 1800 Closure of the Event

Media Coverage

Fedora Seminar Anuradhapura 2011 poster.jpg



Task Responsible Description Progress Comments
Hall Booking Uditha Bandara Hall Booking and Hall preparation Hall booked Collecting ideas for hall preparation plan
Agenda Owner Buddhika Kurera Arrange the agenda and track on speakers initiating -
Sponsorship Uditha Bandara and Buddhika Kurera Market this event with in the local enterprises and try to get sponsirships progress -
SWAGS Buddhika Kurera Produce and track SWAGS progress -
Location Arrangements Uditha Bandara Manage sponsors banners and materials are properly displayed and distributed in the event day. TBI -
Local Community Liaison Buddhika Kurera Manage communication between local contributors and the event organizers. progress -
Budget Handling Buddhika Kurera and Uditha Bandara Manage the whole event budget Planning -


We are targeting nearly 200 participants.

    • The cost for the social event should be drafted as per the availability of the funds from the sponsors.

Sponsorship Details

Sponsorship packages are open to local enterprises.

Event Report

  • Fedora LK_community provided Live CDs and Fedora Stickers for all participants.
  • The event was started at 12.30PM GMT +5.30.
  • After the welcome speeches from University lectures and ARICT society members, Buddhika Kurera talked about Introduction to FOSS/ Linux/ Fedora.
  • Then Hasitha Kusal Jayasooriya demonstrated the F16 new features and also he discussed about the interface of F16.
  • After, Buddhika Kurera discussed about some important aspects of Bash Shell and Bash Scripting.
  • In the end of the Bash Scripting short speech, time came for the refreshments and some music, Participant enjoyed the music while having refreshments.
  • Then again, evening session was started with the technology speech and demonstration of Uditha Bandara regarding LAMP in F16.
  • Finally Buddhika Kurera talked little bit about "How to join with f.po / Importance".
  • At last University of Rajarata Sri Lanka handed over souvenirs to the resource persons from Fedroa LK Community to express the Faculty's gratitude.
  • The event was ended nicely with lots of friendly conversions with Undergraduates, lectures and Fedora LK community members (Including Sri Lankan FAms).

Event Photos

DSC00513.JPG DSC00517.JPG DSC00465.JPG DSC00463.JPG DSC00470.JPG DSC00472.JPG DSC00475.JPG DSC00486.JPG DSC00487.JPG DSC00488.JPG DSC00489.JPG DSC00493.JPG DSC00496.JPG DSC00499.JPG DSC00501.JPG DSC00504.JPG DSC00509.JPG DSC00514.JPG DSC00527.JPG DSC00529.JPG DSC00553.JPG DSC00554.JPG DSC00560.JPG DSC00569.JPG DSC00587.JPG DSC00588.JPG DSC00589.JPG DSC00603.JPG DSC00604.JPG DSC00607.JPG F16-release.jpgEndoftheevent.JPG