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First, start off with a snazzy paragraph about what Fedora is all about. As contributors, we know that Fedora is the most awesome free software distribution. This is a great opportunity to sell Fedora as an operating system and a community to the user base. Focus on what makes Fedora great overall while bragging about how awesome this new release will be. Keep it brief though! Under 100 words is great.

What's New in Fedora #?

For desktop users

A universe of new fake features for end users:

  • Feature One sox whitener. With Feature one, users are treated to an awesome sox whiting experience. Sox are now brighter in less time with Feature one. Thanks to the good people at Feature One Project and name the folks with Red Hat and/or Fedora Project who made whiter soxs possible.
  • Feature Two dish washer. Those who are used to washing dishes by hand will be dazzled by Feature Two. Save time every time you use Feature Two. Y kitchen will be less cluttered too. Thanks to those who helped port dish washer to Fedora.

For developers

For developers there are all sorts of additional fake goodies:

  • Packaging with Feature Three toolkit Feature three developers can roll their packages into rpms in a jiffy. Support for migrating sources from .tar has greatly improved in this release. Thank the nice people at Red Hat for making Feature three work well with rpms.

For system administrators

And don't think we forgot fake services for the system administrators:

  • Mange software updates with Feature Four Roll back up to 50 updates the base install when you use Feature Four with yum. Never be afraid to try out a new package since you can always back out. The Fedora Infrastructure team.

And that's only the beginning. A more complete list with details of all the new features on board Fedora Number is available at:

OK, go get it. You know you can't wait.

If you are upgrading from a previous release of Fedora, refer to

In particular, Fedora has made preupgrade a more robust solution and pushed several bug fixes to older releases of Fedora to enable an easy upgrade to Fedora Number.

For an quick tour of features in Fedora Number and pictures of many friends of Fedora, check out our "short-form" release notes:

Fedora number full release notes and guides for several languages are available at:

Fedora number common bugs are documented at:

Fedora Spins

Fedora spins are alternate version of Fedora tailored for various types of users via hand-picked application set or customizations. Mention popular spins and new spins for Fedora number release. With spins there is something for everyone. More information on these spins and much more is available at

Feature Deprecation

Fedora has always been full of great features but some times we need to phase one out. Saying goodbye to a feature is a delicate issue since it will be a deal breaker for some users in the Fedora community. Explain if it is an upsteam issue. Offer work-arounds or alternatives wherever possible. If a spin still covers this need, say so. Encourage the die-hard community to participate in the unofficial support of this feature.


For more information including common and known bugs, tips on how to report bugs, and the official release schedule, please refer to the release notes:

There are many ways to contribute beyond bug reporting. You can help translate software and content, test and give feedback on software updates, write and edit documentation, design and do artwork, help with all sorts of promotional activities, and package free software for use by millions of Fedora users worldwide. To get started, visit today!

Fedora number +1

Even as we continue to provide updates with enhancements and bug fixes to improve the Fedora number experience, our next release, Fedora number+1, is already being developed in parallel, and has been open for active development for several months already. We have an early schedule for an end of May/October year release:

Contact information

If you are a journalist or reporter, you can find additional information at: