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flock-ectr-109Peter Robinson is presenting on "State of Fedora ARM"
flock-ectr-109We're approved (provisionally) for primary arch
flock-ectr-109Still a long way to go... the end of the race is just beginning
flock-ectr-109What does primary give us?
flock-ectr-109It serves the end users better
flock-ectr-109faster fixes
flock-ectr-109all the standard bohdi approval, infrastructure
flock-ectr-109It gets rid of koji-shadow
flock-ectr-109Quicker break/fix cycle
flock-ectr-109Doesn't matter so much to Peter whether primary is F20 or F21, it's about focusing on making it work for end users
zoglesbyaudio is cutting in and out btw
flock-ectr-109Thanks... will try to fix
flock-ectr-109Any better
zoglesbyflock-ectr-109: seems that way
zoglesbybut who knows
flock-ectr-109I'll try to adjust a bit
flock-ectr-109Let me know if gets better or worse
flock-ectr-109Full Stack protection: actively working with upstream to make it work
flock-ectr-109ADA needs help
flock-ectr-109Pascal (fpc) should be working now (thanks Hans)
flock-ectr-109Still a set of random packages needing bringup
flock-ectr-109*Hardware support
flock-ectr-109Peter can spend more time on this now that koji-shadow isn't taking all his time
flock-ectr-109Unified kernel
flock-ectr-109SoC support improving quickly
flock-ectr-109Four basic devices in F19
flock-ectr-109F20 will support a few more
flock-ectr-109GPU support
flock-ectr-1092D support for OMAP/Exynos
* flock-ectr-109 wonders if the audio is any better now
zoglesbyflock-ectr-109: it still cuts out now and then, but I don't think you can do anything about it.
zoglesbyflock-ectr-109: it only last a few sec each time
flock-ectr-109I'll move the laptop closer for the next talk
flock-ectr-109Lots of work to be done
flock-ectr-109Probably F21 or F22 before it's really ready
flock-ectr-109Not part of our current push for primary arch
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flock-ectr-109Nearly 12k packages built (out of 14k)
* adamw (~adamw@redhat/adamw) has left ("Ex-Chat")
flock-ectr-109Moving to Koji really soon now
flock-ectr-109Chicken and egg problem with lack of hardware
flock-ectr-109Runs on the foundation model, and on the Mustang dev boards (which will ship with F19 by default)
flock-ectr-109Fedora 20 will definitely be a major milestone

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