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This page is a proposed change for some more universal rules for budgeting and reimbursements.
Receipts are crucial.
Every expense related to the Fedora Project's budget must have a receipt. Receipts are the key to getting reimbursed for your costs. Get receipts for everything, and keep them in a safe place so you can either give or transmit them to the budget managers for reimbursement. Please do not mix up private and Fedora items in one receipt. No receipt means no reimbursement. This is non-negotiable, sorry!

Budget Request and Reimbursement Guidelines

All budget requests over $2000 need to be approved by FAmSCo. Regions deal with requests up to $2000 and each one has its own guidelines and rules for budget requests and reimbursements:

  • APAC (Asia and Pacific)
  • EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)
  • LATAM (Latin America)
  • NA (North America)

Travel expenses

If you receive travel funding for an event, you will be expected to provide a trip report within a week after the event for Fedora Magazine.


Do not wait until the last minute to make travel reservations. Room blocks for conferences sell out. The block may expire, and you'll have to pay a higher rate. Flight prices go up. The earlier you can plan for travel, the better. The "sweet spot" for the lowest prices booking flights is generally a Tuesday or Wednesday three weeks in advance of your departure.


Hotels generally require a credit card to make a reservation but do not charge it. (They may put a hold on it if it is a debit card. If this is a concern, check with the hotel to be sure.) Please make your own reservation if at all possible. Once you're at the event, you can have someone with a Red Hat card, preferably from the OSAS team (as this is the cost center for Fedora's budget) put your room on their card. You won't be charged and won't have to file for reimbursement.

Critical: If you have someone else put your room on their card, you must promptly give that person the receipt for your room. Otherwise you will be putting that person in the situation of not getting reimbursed by Red Hat. If someone ends up paying out of pocket for your mistake, you will not receive travel funding again.


If at all possible, it is preferable to book your flight yourself. We trust you to choose the least expensive option. When someone else books your flight for you, there is a risk--a large one for those outside of the US--that it will be flagged as fraudulent and your flight cancelled. That means that your flight will have to be rebooked, possibly at a higher cost, and at the expense of twice the time for the person who booked it for you.

If that is not at all possible, you can have someone book your flight for you. But because of the time involved with the process, it is highly preferable that you book your own flight.

Non-travel expenses

Having others pay for you

You can avoid being a middleman by having certain other people pay bills directly. We have several community members who have Red Hat credit cards for this purpose:

See our community credit card process page for more information.

Paying for things yourself

In order to be reimbursed for Fedora-related expenses that you pay out of your own pocket, you must be able to be reimbursed via PayPal. Please see your region above for more information on how to make these requests. We do not reimburse by cash, check, or wire transfer.

If you are helping host an event, please submit expenses as they are incurred. Do not save them up until the event is over. This is problematic for two reasons. First, you will likely be beyond the two-week deadline on some of your expenses for submitting the request. Second, if you have more than $1,000 in expenses, you will have to be reimbursed with a Red Hat purchase order, which will take 60 days or more. If you anticipate having more than $1,000 of non-travel expenses (i.e., related to swag or holding an event), please contact Ruth Suehle before beginning.

Cash reimbursements.
Several years ago, we could reimburse people in cash and have them sign a receipt. This reimbursement method has been eliminated, because it is too dependent upon people being in the same physical location, and it does not scale.
No personalized items
Fedora generally does not pay for personalized items such as business cards. Exceptions may be granted per region.


Every expense related to Fedora must have a receipt. No exceptions.

Your Fedora wiki user page must be updated with information about yourself, what you do in Fedora, etc. This is necessary because it allows financial auditors to give a "+1" to the expenses, because they can see the connection to Fedora.


Expenses must be submitted within two weeks of being incurred. If you submit outside of this time frame, you may not be reimbursed. If you submit out of quarter, you will almost certainly not be reimbursed.

Red Hat's fiscal quarters run Mar-May, June-Aug, Sept-Nov, Dec-Feb. Obviously, if you have an expense the last few days of May, you still have the two weeks to file; it will simply be charged to the June-Aug quarter instead. However, if you have an expense in April and don't submit until June, there's a good chance your request will be denied for being out of quarter. Please file expenses in a timely manner.