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This is Second Fedora globalization meeting with the involvement of l10n, i18n, zanata and fltg groups. You are welcome to join and express if any suggestions.

Time: 0430 UTC

Place: #fedora-meeting on Freenode

Previous Meeting: Agenda page

Action items

Action items from previous meeting

  • mkim and apeter followup with lukebrooker
  • apeter to draft sprint proposal and send on mailing list for discussion
  • noriko to prepare draft for extending Translation deadline and send to mailing list.
  • pravins to create g11n mailing list.
  • minimum percentage of translation to say language is supported or not.
  • epico to submit change proposal for "switch default Traditional Chinese IME to ibus-libzhuyin"
  • mfabian to discuss glibc sub-packaging idea with carlos.
  • ping ueno for update on Wayland IM for F23 change proposal.
  • pravins to draft change proposal for Audit for default fonts in Fedora.
  • fujiwarat do draft change IBus improvement plans for KDE in wiki for F23.
  • pravins do draft change proposal for Unicode 8.0 update for glibc.
  • Mohamed_Fawzy to propose idea on Arab translation on trans list.