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HackTREC Hackathon, 2016


Event Description

HackTREC is the annual hackathon event at the ABES Engineering College, where students innovate without any restraints or distractions. They will have 30 hours to delve into their curiosities ,learn something new, and make something awesome. Meet other enthusiastic hackers & push beyond their boundaries.

Google's definition of a hackathon: An event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming.

Why attend this event? HackTREC focuses on spreading awareness about FOSS and Hacker culture in general to the developers in the nearby region. At this event, we will host 150+ passionate hackers who'd swat it out to realize their ideas while having fun. This is a great opportunity for Fedora to make an impact at a university level, following along with the University Involvement Initiative set forth by the Fedora Council.


Event Owners

Fedora Representatives

Maximum number of Ambassadors for event: 2

Event Checklist

  • To be updated.

Event Schedule

The schedule has not yet been released.

Ideas / Brainstorming

  • Sponsorship information coming soon
  • Mentors welcome and encouraged (if you can code, there are ways for you to help represent Fedora as a knowledgeable programmer)
  • Swag to give out: pens, stickers, media?
  • Ideas to specifically appeal to college students to open source / Linux / Fedora?

Negotiated Deal

Prize Pool


Important Deadlines


Event Budget

Item Cost Comments
Sponsorship TBD TBD in the ticket
Shipping costs TBD
Prize funds TBD
Swag, media, flyers TBD Printing "Fedora <3 FOSS" flyers?

Estimated final cost: TBD

Event Report