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About Fedora Hatch

Our vision for Hatch is to hopefully provide opportunities for Fedorans to get together in person if they so wish. The event does not have to fit a specific format, it will be up to who is inspired to run such an event. For example, someone on the discussion thread said they would organize a hike for Fedorans and someone else mentioned that they would like to do a Pub Quiz, IRL!

FHPI 2022 Background

What/When/Where are we planning to have in India?

A FOSS and Fedora hands-on experience event organized either in the Red Hat Pune office, or a local university. We also plan to do college drives, i.e visiting different universities and talking about FOSS and Fedora.

Date and Place

Location: Red Hat, Tower 06, Magarpatta Inner Circle, Road, Cybercity, Magarpatta, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra 411028 [Directions]

Proposed Date: 7th, and 8th July 2022

Date Activity Place Timings
Thursday (July 7th) Meet and Greet Sunflower Meeting room at Tower 6, Level 3, B wing, Red Hat, Pune 12 AM to 5 PM (IST)
Friday (July 8th) Main Hatch Event Cafeteria, Tower - 6, Red Hat Pune 12 AM to 5 PM (IST)


Start - 1200

Handing out snacks - 1200
	Beverages + Chips
	Concurrent (Non-blocking)
So is it… like a… hat company? [30m (includes Q/A and interactions)] - 1200
	Vipul Siddharth
Join Fedora Project / How to become Fedora Community Members [15m (includes Q/A and interactions)] - 1230
	Samyak Jain
Fedora Linux Release Process and What’s New In Fedora Linux? [30m (includes Q/A and interactions)] - 1245
	Sumantro Mukherjee
Web Representation/Activity of Fedora Project [15m (includes Q/A and interactions)] - 1315
	Akashdeep Dhar
Let’s talk about Open Source Design [30m (includes Q/A and interactions)] - 1330
	Smera Goel
Lunch [60m-75m] - 1400
We need You on the Badges team [30m (includes Q/A and interactions)] - 1515
	Sayan Chowdhury
Fedora Workstation’s State of Gaming [30m (includes Q/A and interactions)] - 1545
	Akashdeep Dhar
Accessibility & Thoughtful Design in Open Source [30m (includes Q/A and interactions)] - 1645
	Shivang P Swain
High tea - 1645
	Beverages + Chips
	Non-blocking and concurrent
Fedora QA Pathway [30m (includes Q/A and interactions)] - 1645
	Sumantro Mukherjee
Mentorship in Fedora Project [15m (includes Q/A and interactions)] - 1715
	Vipul Siddharth
Ending note [15m] - 1730
	Vipul Siddharth
	Sumantro Mukherjee
Meetup + Photos + Wrapup [15m] - 1745

End - 1800


Please feel free to add yourself to this list.

Name(and fas) Availability
Vaibhav Sharma ✔ 6th, 7th, 8th
Ankit Sinha ✔ 6th, 7th, 8th
Mahij Momin ✔ 6th, 7th, 8th
Shivang P Swain ✔ 7th, 8th
Sai Praneeth Reddy ✔ 7th, 8th
Sayan Chowdhury ✔ 8th
Soumadeep Dhar ✔ 8th
Rayan Das ✔ 8th
Smera Goel ✔ 8th
Chinmay Khare ✔ 8th

Registration Form

In case you don't have a FAS account, feel free to register yourself here.

Funding Request Form

If you need assistance with travel or accommodation/lodging, please use this Google form to request.

The deadline for requesting a bursary for travel and accommodation is June 24th, 2022 12:00 PM IST.

Filling this form does not confirm budget approval. All accepted requests will be contacted via a private email for future details.

Talk proposals

Planned talks

Fedora for Amateur Astronomers

Presenter: Vaibhav Sharma (@vaibhavsharma)


  • What do we mean by Amateur Astronomy?
  • FOSS Astronomy/ Astrophotography tools
  • Freemium Astronomy/ Astrophotography tools
  • Additional tools such as Observation Planners, Astrophotography tools (Mobile Capturing tools and Pre-processing tools), Star Charts and recommendations for indoor observations. (documentation)

Accepted talks

Let’s talk about Open Source Design

Presenter: Smera Goel (@smeragoel)



  • Introduction
  • What is Open Source Design (OSD)?
  • Do we need design in Open Source??
  • Why designers are not able to contribute
  • How can we get more designers into Open Source?
  • Benefits for a designer
  • Get Involved
  • Resources
  • Q/A

So is it.. like a.. hat company?

Presenter: Vipul Siddharth (@siddharthvipul1)



  • What is the Fedora Project?
  • What do we build?
  • Governance and leadership in the community (How is Fedora organized)

Web Representation and Activity of Fedora Project

Presenter: Akashdeep Dhar (@t0xic0der)



  • Fedora Websites and Apps Council Objective
  • Technical stack that we work on
  • Projects that we develop and maintain
  • How can a newcomer join and contribute

Fedora Workstation's State of Gaming

Presenter: Akashdeep Dhar (@t0xic0der) and Shivang P Swain (@shivangswain)



  • Technologies that help run videogames on GNU/Linux
  • Benchmark comparisons of popular AAA titles against other platforms
  • Setting up your own GNU/Linux gaming console with Fedora Workstation
  • Possible direction for improvements and contribution

Accessibility & Thoughtful Design in Open Source

Presenter: Shivang P Swain (@shivangswain)



  • What is accessibility in software design and why does it matter?
  • Strides in making software and hardware accessible
  • Why open source is both leading and dragging accessibility efforts?
  • What is to come and how can we contribute?

We need You on the Badges team

Presenter: Sayan Chowdhury (@sayanchowdhury)



  • Overview of Badges
  • Badges ecosystem
  • Design & Infrastructure team
  • Technical Stack of Badges
  • How can you contribute?
  • Wee need You
  • Q/A

Fedora QA Pathway

Presenter: Sumantro Mukherjee (@sumantrom)


  • What is Fedora QA?
  • Participation guidelines
  • QA activities
  • Resources to share
  • Detailed enough agenda [1]



Name(and fas) Availability
Akashdeep Dhar ✔ 6th, 7th, 8th
Samyak Jain ✔ 6th, 7th, 8th

Special thanks to

Name(and fas) Availability
Vipul Siddharth ✔ 8th
Sumantro Mukherjee ✔ 6th, 7th, 8th
Ankit Sinha ✔ 6th, 7th, 8th
Mahij Momin ✔ 6th, 7th, 8th
Sayak Sarkar ✔ 6th, 7th, 8th

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  2. Red Hat India's mandate/guidelines