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Our meetings are held on #fedora-meeting[?] on Mondays at 08:00 UTC. See the UTC Howto for instructions to convert UTC to your local time

Fedora I18N Meetings

All requests for considerations and tasks to be kept on track should be submitted as a ticket:

meeting logs

Meeting agendas

Template is available. open a new agenda page with it or run the script and copy and paste the output to the wiki.

How to create the agenda

We use Template:I18N/Meeting to make it easier to create. check it out what kind of parameters is needed to set up to see the appropriate agenda page.

The helper script is also available here, which one don't need to do some works to generate the agenda, except updating the schedule, features and meeting logs. to create the agenda page, run the script like:

$ ./create-meeting-boilerplate.rb yyyy/mm/dd > out

and just paste the content of out into the wiki.