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Upstream Fonts

Fonts related Fedora-features/changes achievements

Default fonts installation criteria

  • Default installation will have at least one font for scripts available on Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) .
  • For script available on other planes of Unicode. One should do request through bugzilla for default installation of corresponding font.

Emoji font packages

  • eosrei-emojione-fonts
  • google-noto-emoji-color-fonts
  • google-noto-emoji-fonts
  • gdouros-symbola-fonts
  • hfg-gmuend-openmoji-black-fonts
  • hfg-gmuend-openmoji-color-fonts
  • twitter-twemoji-fonts


Upstream Bugs



  • fontconfig to allow adobe-source-han-sans-cn-fonts as a default zh_CN font and adobe-source-han-sans-twhk-fonts as a default zh_TW font

Bitmap Font Conversion for Fedora 31