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Fedora Docs Project

  • "Canonical Source" on FDP Documentation:

Fedora Documentation Guide

  • Toolset Idea (Fedora-docs-list posting by Paul Frields):

  • How Fedora Release Notes are Produced:

Fedora Documentation Beats

  • Document Project Tools - the FDP place to discuss our tools:


Wiki Editing

  • Writing Documents using the MoinMoin Wiki:

Writing using the Wiki

  • MoinMoin Wiki Converter Project:


  • MoinMoin Migration Issues:


  • Wikipedia reference article on text editor support, very adaptable to MoinMoin wiki editing:


DocBook XML

  • Paul W. Frields' articles on DocBook XML in Red Hat Magazine (Feb/Mar 2006):

Introduction to DocBook XML Introduction to DocBook XML, Part 2

  • Linux Documentation Project's Author Guide:

LDP Author Guide

  • Writing Documentation Using DocBook - A Crash Course (in English & French):

  • Eric Raymond's LDP DocBook HOWTO (2004):

DocBook Demystification HOWTO

  • DocBook Authoring Tools:

Emacs as a Writing Tool

  • The Woodnotes Guide to Emacs for Writers (by Randall Wood):

  • PDF Version:

  • The Woodnotes Emacs Cheat Sheet for Writers (not Coders):

Vim as an XML Editor

  • Vim as XML Editor:


  • The GNOME Handbook of Writing Software Documentation:


  • The KDE Documentation Primer:

  • The KDE DocBook XML Toolchain:

  • Quanta as a Docbook Editor:

Plone CMS

  • Plone Test Site for the Fedora Project:

  • The Definitive Guide to Plone:

  • Issues Surrounding the Fedora Project's use of Plone:

FDP Plone Issues

PDF Conversion and Output

  • Current Issues with PDF Conversion:

About PDF Conversion

  • Generating PDF versions of the KDE documentation

OpenDocument Format (ODF)

Note: Great source of information on ODF along with links to ODF applications and viewer.

  • OpenDocument Fellowship:

  • "This is the official community gathering place and information resource for the OpenDocument OASIS Standard (ISO/IEC 26300)":

FOSS Documentation Workflow

  • "The Flow of Knowledge in Free and Open Source Communities" (PDF document), by Daniel M. German:

DocBook Tools: An Overview

Note: This excellent reference describes commercial packages, which are purposely excluded in the FOSS Doc Toolchain, as well as FOSS packages.

  • "DocBook Tools: An Overview" (PDF document), by Scott Nesbitt:

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