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This page is a light project plan for Fedora Insight.


To deploy a content management system for the Fedora Project; and to build around it a team of Fedora contributors who are passionate about maintaining it and serving other contributors with it.

Project name

Fedora Insight


Project team







Phase 1

A working content management system at, with the following functionality:

  • Authentication to FAS
  • Group assignment through FAS
  • Working theme as prepared by the Design team
  • Publication procedure for Fedora Weekly News
  • The ability to select items from configured RSS feeds to be promoted to publication and other tagging

Phase 2

The following additional functionality:

  • Adding a built-in calendar system into Drupal where all Fedor's teams and projects can post their meetings. (it should look like this or this). (I can take care of packaging it when we will decide to deploy it on Insight, need to package following modules, Calendar and Date) (Andrea Veri)
  • Ability to share access to the @fedora feed through a FAS group (fedora-socialmedia) | Proposed module or modules: (twitter module) need to test it.
  • The ability to publish and attach podcasts to a story | Proposed module or modules: (filefield module) or (filefield podcaster module) need to test them.
  • Post announcements of podcast publication | Proposed module or modules: (rules module) need to create a rule.
  • The ability to take items posted to the Fedora Marketing list that are news items (usually tagged with [in the news] in the subject) and post them to Insight. Or better yet, get people to just post those items to insight rather than the marketing mailing list. This does a few things for us:
    • People are already posting the details (link, title) to the marketing list - this allows people to add it with just as little effort, but make the list available to see in a way that doesn't require a lot of overhead. Right now I (Robyn) go through and add the items bit by bit to a wiki page, which doesn't scale well, and takes a lot of time.
    • Allows people who are interested in news but not necessarily on the mailing list a quick way to see "what other people are saying about Fedora."
  • Ability for candidates for Fedora offices (Board seats, FESCo seats, and FAmSCo seats for example) to self-nominate via Insight. That way, only they would be able to make changes to their nomination page, and we could have slightly more control about people adding themselves to the list after nominations have closed. (Not sure this really fits with the rest of the stuff going on in Insight, but thought I'd suggest it.)



  • Handle multiple beats
  • Handle arbitrary number of beats per issue
  • Publish new issue to front page with issue summary
  • Link issue to ToC for easier reading
  • Provide issue as a combined single page


  • Add another content type here and what we want from it


  • Determine all requirements
  • Scope requirements into phases
  • Determine whether platform meets requirements
    • If not, select modules and package for drupal6 in EL-5 (with eye toward EL-6 too)
  • Deploy test instance
  • For each requirement in phase:
    • Assign responsible contributor
    • Document procedure for fulfillment on wiki
    • Create appropriate facility in the platform
    • Have appropriate stakeholders test and accept
  • Test -> Stage
    • Recreate facilities in staging instance
    • Have stakeholders test for consistency and accept
  • Stage -> Production