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Chitlesh Goorah at LinuxTag 2006 Wiesbaden

Picture taken by GeroldKassube

IRC Nickname: ChitleshGoorah

Location: Strasbourg, France

Age: 22

Profession: Student in Electronics


  • Date of Interview: 03 June 2006
  • Interviewed by DamienDurand

Hello Chitlesh, could you please introduce yourself briefly?

I am Chitlesh Goorah. In real life, I am a third year undergraduate student in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France. And during my extra time, I'm devoted to the Fedora Project.

Could you tell us how did you discover Linux and the Fedora Project?

Being a Comptia A+ and NT + certified, the Windows world is too empty for me to participate. I have heard fascinating stories about how the open source community works and I really wanted to get involved in. Fedora is among the best community driven open source OS, hence it got my vote of support.

When I adopted Fedora Core as an operating system for the first time, it had a big impact on my experience with computers. I feel that Fedora was made for me.

What is your role in the Fedora Project and why you are in the Fedora Project?

I am a Fedora Ambassador for Strasbourg/France and Mauritius to spread the word. But also to help others know how they can benefit from a community driven project and how it works. There is no better example like The Fedora Project in this context. As many have seen, I also contribute to the Kadischi project, The Fedora Live CD creator tool. Soon I'll start packaging for Fedora Extras  :)

How many time do you spend for the Fedora Project because you are often seen active?

Per day, the mean time may be at least 4 hours :) depending how busy I am, but it may vary up to 12 hours.

We can see that you are the project leader of Kadischi, what is Kadischi?

Since the previous maintainer left the project, I sticked around the Kadischi project to bring it to life. Till now there is no single permanent maintainer. In the Kadischi project, WE are a team. There are Red Hat folks and community members (like me, JasperHartline, ToshioKuratomi,...)

Kadischi is a Fedora Live CD _creator_ tool. It is not the codename of the Official Fedora Live CD. Kadischi create Live CDs, based entirely upon content in Fedora Core and Fedora Extras repositories to receive official "blessing".

What are the features that will be implemented in Kadischi?

We are concentrating in the clean up of the codes for the moment. But we are looking forward to give an exciting experience to both the actual Fedora Users and those who are willing to give Fedora Core a try.

Among the features we are implementing in Kadischi are SquashFS, Stateless Linux , new mechanism for logs and fancy GUIs and better integration of SELinux, Anaconda and yum .

Is there a possibility to see an official Fedora livecd make surface?

Our objective is to make Kadischi stable first, then we'll pop an official livecd  :)

Both Red Hat folks and the Community are putting all their efforts onto Kadischi to build an official LiveCD for the Fedora Project.

YES, we want to have our own Live CD  :)

A release date of Kadischi?

We are all hoping along the release of Fedora Core 6 Test 2, if everything goes fine  :) At that time with GregDeKoenigsberg, we hope to settle certain legal issues concerning Fedora trademarks.

If you are asked, what desktop environment will you recommend to a friend who is a beginner in Linux ?

Definitely, KDE !

And other packages?

Yumex and KDE apps such as Amarok, Kontact and Konversation.

A last word?

Being an English native and living in France, and having great ambassadors like ThomasCanniot, DamienDurand and AurelienBompard, I wish to make Fedora be the best distribution that supports the French language.