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Name the Fedora IoT Edition

We need your help naming the Fedora IoT Edition. Nominations are listed below. Vote using the [elections app. Voting begins at 0000 UTC on 18 March and ends at 2359 UTC on 25 March.


  • 2-15 March 2020: Name suggestions collected
  • 16 March 2020: IoT team removes unusable suggestions
  • 17 March 2020: Fedora Program Manager sets up an election
  • 18-25 March 2020: Fedora community (CLA +1 required) votes on names
  • 26 March 2020: Top three names sent to Red Hat Legal for final check

Name suggestions

The following names have been suggested by the community.

Suggested Name Suggested by Explanation
Edgy McEdgeface pbrobinson Because it's the law!
Edge tdawson The boring, but logical name
SilverBlueServer tdawson Because it's the SilverBlue tech, for servers
IogurT lruzicka Because everyone likes it and it has IoT in it, if you change spelling a bit, thus everybody gets it.
Frontier lorbus The 'leading edge'
IoT Edge lorbus Catch all, boring but logical
Tiny yaneti Because the goals align. Think OpenWRT but Fedora (where possible)
Fedora IoT kparal simple, clear, consistent, everybody already knows it
MiniBlue torbuntu Uses rpm-ostree tech like SilverBlue, but for IoT devices
Verge lhc130 Synonymous to Edge
Everywhere Till Because it will be
Proletarian sgallagh Basically an underpaid worker!
Nucliya sumantrom important part of a cell, has "Cli" on it and cells are the building block
Entity laubersm Synonym for thing
Thimble whot It's a tiny little hat but goes not where hats usually go
Mini Hguemar Simple
Connections Wolnei That's what will be possible in anywhere.

Rejected suggestions

The following suggestions have been rejected for the reason given.

Suggested Name Explanation
Crown Name of an IoT company
Orbit name of an IoT product
Nookless May be seen as a reference to the Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader
NanoBlue Name of a Bluetooth antenna
Conductor Name of an existing IoT product
Things Name of an existing IoT platform
Light Name of an existing IoT lighting app
Hub Name of an existing IoT service
Altair Name of an existing company with an IoT offering
Compass Name of an existing IoT company
Coke Machine Intentional reference to a trademark
Brim An SAP feature. This may be in a different enough space to not be a legal issue, but why chance it?
Orchestra Several tech sector (non-IoT) conflicts: 1 and 2 for example.
Wintermute Several tech sector (non-IoT) conflicts: 1 and 2 for example.
HAL2020 Becomes very confusing next year. May have intellectual property issues with the the source book/movie.
FIDO The FIDO Alliance is focusing on IoT.
Silver Edge Name of an existing datacenter product.
Ion Similar to the name of a company "facilitating an Internet of Things economy".