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Fedora KDE 4 Desktop User Guide

Documentation Summary:

Purpose: How to accomplish specific tasks with the desktop applications in KDE 4.

Audience: Individuals who are unfamiliar with the Fedora KDE 4 Desktop and who may be running their first Linux desktop.

Approach: This document explains basic principles by covering one principle at a time. The document does not assume familiarity with any Linux/UNIX-specific terminology or concepts. Functionality is also compared, where appropriate, to what the reader may know from other OSes, particularly Microsoft Windows and default Fedora Desktop.

Assumptions: The reader has a installation of Fedora with KDE 4 (see Install KDE section of KDE wiki page), including a user account with the default settings. The reader does not have access to the root password.

Related Documents: The Administration Guide documents tasks that require root access. The Getting Started Guide is a general introduction to using Fedora. The Desktop User Guide describes default desktop usage.

Writers: Jaroslav Řezník, Rex Dieter, Sebastian Vahl

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