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Chapter 2: Login


This chapter describes how to login to your new Fedora KDE 4 desktop. To login to your desktop you will need system user account and password. If you don't have any account yet, you should ask system administrator to create one or add new one yourself (see Administration Guide - User Accounts chapter). If you have forgotten your user account, your password, or both, read the section I Cannot Login: HELP!. This chapter assumes you are using KDM display manager (see Installing KDE section of KDE wiki page).

Logging in

You are ready to login if screen looks similar to this one:

Use your username and password to login to your KDE 4 desktop. You can type your username to preselected input box or select one by clicking on username in list of users.

If a different login screen appeared, you are still using default GDM display manager. Make sure you select KDE session type to login to KDE 4.
Your username and password are case sensitive!

I Cannot Login: HELP!

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