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Conversion of a small town to Linux.


  • Felton, California -- Six miles northeast of Santa Cruz in the San Lorenzo Valley, the ocean side of the Santa Cruz Mountains (on the ocean side of the ridge that borders the Silicon Valley)


  • The first event will be on July 13th from 3 to 7 p.m. at the Felton Presbyterian Church -- more than likely a "event" and not an installfest or meeting -- and a second event on July 15 from 6 to 10 p.m. at the same location. At least two more meetings/installfests will take place in the following three weeks. The week of Lindependence, where people and businesses will go Microsoft-free for a week (and hopefully longer), will start on July 28.


  • Fedora joins four other distros -- Mandriva, Ubuntu, AntiX (Mepis) and Wolvix -- as the distros being presented at Lindependence 2008. Multiple invitations were sent to 50 distros, and the five current participating distros are the only ones to respond. AntiX and Wolvix, which are for more advanced users, will not be sending representatives to Lindependence 2008, but have offered their support for the project.
  • The project works as follows: Interested people in Felton are invited to come to the meetings/installfests to find out about GNU/Linux and FOSS programs, as well as to find out about the philosophy and paradigm under which Linux and FOSS operate. After filling out a questionnaire either on line or at the event(s), people can try out different distros at tables in the event, and then they are welcome to upload their choice onto a USB drive or take home a Live CD to try out.
  • Subsequent meetings/installfest will provide more technical assistance; i.e., helping people install Linux and/or FOSS programs, as well as dual booting or installations of Linux to run solely on their machines.
  • The project will seek volunteers in the community to participate in an experiment to go Microsoft-free (i.e., not using Windows or Microsoft programs) for a week, using their own machines on a variety of boot options (USB, dual-boot, Live CD, etc.).
  • Naturally, the Fedora team will urge those folks who participate to try Fedora, and will help those Feltoners who choose Fedora with any questions they have.


  • Budget of $500 allocated by FAMSCo. Karsten needs to let Max know if this is best spent via expense reports, or if $500 in cash just need to go to Karsten's hands.



  • Certainly anyone is welcome to participate, however I believe that between local ambassadors Karsten Wade and Larry Cafiero (who is organizing Lindependence 2008 in Felton), Fedora will be well represented.