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LinuxFest NorthWest (LFNW) 2020

LinuxFest Northwest (LFNW) 2018 is the 19th annual premier Linux event in the northwestern U.S. Two days of Linux related talks, exhibition space for clubs and vendors, after-fest event on Saturday and the World Famous Raffle.


The event is free but you will need a badge to get into events, so register online and you can pick up your badge at the Friday Night Party.


If you plan to come the following Accomodations are recommended by LFNW2020.

Fedora Workstation

For students and professionals, Fedora offers the stable Workstation. Fedora Workstation allows for multitasking, multiple monitors, and many Office and Development applications. Fedora is not only an alternative to competing OS's, it is a stable replacement.

Fedora Modularity

Fedora SilverBlue

Fedora Workstation

Fedora Server

Why does Fedora attend LFNW?

The annual LFNW event is student driven and hosted at Bellingham Technical College (BTC). Students handle all the IT from Infrastructure to problem solving. BTC students do not get paid to support the event, however, they do get a lot of experience as IT people and Classroom Monitors. The event draws students from BTC as well as Western Washington University (WWU), also in Bellingham. We also see college instructors and IT professionals.

Fedora attends this event every year for the purpose of connecting with students, professors, IT professionals and enthusiasts. There are many who come to the event to learn more about Linux. We encourage people to give Fedora a solid run.

What is the focus of the event?

This year the theme for LFNW is "Be Excellent to Each Other". All the session are designed with the Open Source and Linux communities in mind.

How does our attendance at this event build users or contributors to specific Fedora solutions - and why are those particular solutions important?

We engage people in discussion about what Fedora offers. People from many backgrounds come to the Fedora Booth. The goal is to talk to people and to demonstrate what Fedora Desktop can do for them. People want a practical computer experience. On a basic level, Fedora offers a secure foundation to research the Web, check email, and network with friends and family using a variety of applications. Moving up, we demonstrate the multi-tasking capabilities of LibreOffice, and Personal Information Management. We not only talk to people about Fedora, we show them what Fedora can do.

How does our attendance at this event build users or contributors to the Fedora platform overall.

Patrons who are interested enough to hold a conversation, we will get their information and send them a simple email. In the email we will have links to the Fedora Project as well as links to the various applications to help them succeed with Fedora. If they are interested in contributing in some way to the Fedora Project, we will provide them an avenue to get started.

Measured Success

This year we will be giving a talk about how to get into the broad field of Information Technology using skills we pick up at home such as home networking, computer building and even home server administration. We will talk entry level jobs as well as setting career goals.

Since Fedora began attending, we have seen many kids grow up and begin new careers in the IT industry doing various occupations all because of their interest and participation with Fedora and Red Hat.


Friday booth setup 3PM to 5PM. Saturday and Sunday Exhibition hall open from 9AM to 5PM. If you would like to come help at the booth please let Jeff Fitzmaurice know and add your name below.

Current Attendees (Users)

Jeff Fitzmaurice will be there for set-up on Friday and then all day Saturday and Sunday. Troy Dawson should be there some on Friday and then all day Saturday and Sunday.


If you would like to come help out and do a talk (specifically), please put your name here and your contribution.


Item Budget Bucket Comments Actual
Sponsorship $750 Ambassador Silver Sponsorship Payable to LFNW $750
Travel $40 Ambassador Fuel Cost for steelaworkn TBA
Shipping $TBA Ambassador event box (including swag), banner NA
Total $790 Ambassador Including shipping and fuel costs TBA
Grand Total TBD Ambasssador TBA

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