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Maven for EPEL

This page hosts information about the current attempt to bring maven2 into the EPEL space. At the current time, the latest version that appears to be able to be built for EL5 is maven 2.0.4


Current dependency tree:

NOTE: Building many of these components depends on EPEL.


There is currently a successful and known working (only works with OpenJDK, Sun Java causes classpath errors) build located for el5-i386 here.

Item Owner Status
Track down all dependencies and get a successful build of maven2 to run on EL5 Adam Miller Done
Map out and document the dependencies needed so that they can be branched for EPEL Adam Miller In progress

Dependency Info

Preliminary build has yielded some data about packages and their dependencies. I will be working towards making a complete list along with requirements such that we can successfully branch and maintain maven2 in EPEL.

NOTE: The dependency tree listed here are only packages not currently in EPEL.

Package Parent Package (dep satisfied) Required Version Build Status (For now)
maven2 n/a 2.0.4 OK
pmd maven2 >=3.6 OK
jaxen pmd OK
dom4j jaxen OK


So far this has been my workflow, the image quality is horrible because I snapped it with my cellphone here at the office but it gives a little insight into what's going on and what's been done. The dependency tree is only populated with the packages that are not currently in EPEL EL5.

Maven2 el5 workflow.jpg