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FY09 Goals

These are a combination of my personal goals as well as some of my team's goals for Red Hat's FY09 (March 2008 - February 2009).

EMEA Community

Organize and lead a FUDCon in the Czech Republic (Q3, September 2008).

  • Bring more of Red Hat's Czech Republic engineers into the Fedora community.
  • METRICS: Was this event as good or better as the recent US-based FUDCons? Do a survey similar to the FUDCon Raleigh 2008 survey and compare results. How many people showed up? What technical work was achieved? How much did we spend, and what value did we generate for our money?

Have a presence at important Linux events in Europe.

  • Fedora presence at LinuxTag (Q1, May 2008).
  • Fedora presence at FOSDEM (Q4, February 2009).
  • Fedora presence at other important shows as necessary (Q1 - Q4).
  • METRICS: How many events did we attend? How many new contributors did we sign up at these events? Were these the best LinuxTag and FOSDEM shows that Fedora has been to yet? How much did we spend, and what value did we generate for our money? Did we have speaking sessions?

Discover at least 1 Fedora in the enterprise success story.

  • Work with sales engineers and marketing folks to identify a large Red Hat customer who has interest in participating in Fedora.
  • Bring some of that customer's engineers into Fedora in a way that provides them with additional value that they would not otherwise get from their Red Hat subscriptions.
  • Use Fedora to augment their pre-existing Red Hat customer experience.

Integrate with Red Hat's European sales and marketing endeavors. Have a Fedora presence at major Red Hat marketing events, when applicable.

  • Attend the Red Hat EMEA Marketing meetings in Munich (Q2, June 2008).


Assist Paul Frields in his role as Fedora Project Leader.

  • Ensure that the Fedora 9 go-to-market plan is successfully created and executed.
  • METRICS: Is Paul happy and successful in his new role? Is he getting sufficient support from the Community Architecture team?

Investigate opportunities to promote Linux, Open Source, and/or Fedora in classrooms and various education curricula.

  • Ensure that there is a Fedora intern program.
  • Get the Fedora Scholarship program up and running.

Be a catalyst for community-led engineering efforts.


Make the Fedora Ambassadors as self-sufficient as possible.

  • Be the mentor, consultant, and primary point of contact within Red Hat for the Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee and for all Fedora Ambassadors in EMEA.
  • Maintain a global event calendar for all Ambassadors worldwide.
  • Set an example for Fedora Ambassadors about how to organize and run an event.
  • Set up a template for Event reports.
  • Have local leaders coordinating every event, with me providing help and budget.
  • Train Ambassadors to be Fedora spokesmodels.
  • METRICS: Are we growing our contributor base? How much did we spend, and what value did we generate for our money? How many events did we attend?

Provide leadership to various Fedora sub-projects.

Lead the Community Architecture team.

  • Make sure we have team and individual goals & metrics, and that we are accountable to them.
  • Keep track of total expenses, expenses per quarter, etc.
  • Make sure that we have weekly meetings that are useful.
  • METRICS: Did we stay under-budget for each quarter, and for the year? Do we have records of all our meetings from the year?