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Meeting Details


Please add the participants after the meeting
  • FranciscoD (256)
  • bckurera (59)
  • dramsey (52)
  • hircus (42)
  • inode0 (26)
  • jurank_dankkal (22)
  • Aks (14)
  • zodbot (14)
  • maktrix (12)
  • dan408 (8)
  • arifiauo (5)
  • tuanta (1)


Short agenda
Please feel free to add to the agenda. Please keep in mind that long agendas are hard to manage. Please keep it simple and add any details under the topic in short form. Please mention your name with the topic as well. eg: APAC Plans for 2012 (Suresh)

News from FAmSCo

  1. Meeting 2012-06-18, Meeting #1 for F18 cycle.

Review *ACTION* items from the last meeting

  1. jurank_dankkal update the Padang FAD wiki page: for total budget
  2. jurank_dankkal : Update the event wiki page with total budget and cost breakdown, open separate trac tickets for fund requests
  3. FranciscoD make next meeting agenda
  4. FranciscoD put all guidelines on wiki and request mailing lists to go look: Posted above.
  5. everyone all we should update all upcoming F17 release parties onto wiki

APAC Events and Status of F17 Release Parties

APAC Events
Add any reports or events that you'd like to discuss here.

Trac tickets

All tickets to be discussed can be found at the following trac report.

Join Fedora SIG for APAC (Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD")

  • Fedora_Join_SIG
  • Any folks interested in contributing?
  • Any new potential contributors we can help using this SIG?

Ambassadors Map (Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD")

Open Floor

  1. Brainstorming Infra-icon koji.png
  2. Any Ideas that you have in your mind? Infra-icon bodhi.png
  3. Swag for Fedora 17, get your ideas for this. Infra-icon cvssource.png
  4. Any new initiatives and do you participate on #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-apac, and/or #fedora IRC Channels?




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