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stickster #startmeeting Fedora Board 18:00
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stickster #meetingname Fedora Board 18:00
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stickster #topic Roll call! 18:01
* stickster 18:01
* spot plays that funky music 18:01
walters hello 18:01
* jds2001 here 18:01
stickster :-) 18:01
* ctyler waves 18:01
smooge here 18:01
rdieter hola 18:01
stickster mdomsch sends regrets, he is on a trip in Africa right now 18:01
smooge he is playing the role of Robert Redford 18:02
stickster smooge: I love that film. 18:02
* mizmo here 18:02
stickster I saw caillon come in earlier too 18:02
caillon oh yeah 18:03
stickster #info All present, save mdomsch who is on travel 18:03
stickster #topic FPL news, info, etc. 18:03
stickster OK, obviously everyone's seen the announcements 18:03
stickster 18:03
* jds2001 heard some feedback that it would be good to announce when jared wasn't on vacation 18:03
stickster #info That's the announcement of the new FPL, Jared Smith (jsmith here on IRC) 18:04
jds2001 but that's just timing happenstance 18:04
stickster jds2001: Will do -- he should be around next week. The announcement noted that he was gone, but not when he'd return. 18:04
zodbot Announcement from my owner (stickster): Fedora Board meeting happening now, join #fedora-board-meeting and #fedora-board-questions 18:04
smooge I think it was to give him time to back out in the most awkward way possible. 18:04
walters heh 18:04
stickster He'd be limited in his ability to hang around anyway, since his $DAYJOB keeps him pretty busy until he comes on board Red Hat. 18:04
stickster That's not much different than it was with me -- I was busier from January, when Max made the announcement for me becoming FPL, until February when I started at Red HAt. 18:05
stickster jds2001: I'm going to make sure that Jared has a blog post early when he returns though, and that he's carried on the Planet 18:05
stickster I think he just did some blog upkeep right before he left, to prep for that 18:06
stickster Jared will be coming on board Red Hat on July 12 18:06
stickster He and I are traveling together to RDU for his orientation, in part so we can meet up with Max Spevack together 18:07
stickster And also so I can introduce him to a bunch of people in RDU that it will be helpful for him to know (and for them to know him) 18:07
stickster Also, my traveling to RDU to meet with Jared and Max will help us prep him for his first big appearance 18:08
stickster #link 18:08
stickster #info Announcement that Jared will be coming to FUDCon LATAM and then FISL 11 18:08
smooge stickster, that almost sounds ominous. "max and I are preparing the Pod for Jared. All will be well with the collective." 18:08
stickster smooge: The fluid transfer is the hard part. So messy. 18:08
mizmo stickster, is that going to be the first FPL visit to south america? 18:09
stickster mizmo: Hrm. I'm not sure Max ever got down there -- but Greg DeKoenigsberg, then an ex-FPL, was down there two years ago I believe 18:09
mizmo ah okay 18:09
* ctyler reminds stickster to hand over the codes to the fedora orbital laser 18:09
smooge We need an FPL on each continent 18:09
stickster smooge: And then let them duke it out a la RISK? 18:10
mizmo FISL is in Brazil? 18:10
stickster mizmo: Correct -- FUDCon LATAM is in Santiago Chile, and then FISL is in Porto Alegre, Brazil. 18:10
smooge Ah man that sounds nice 18:10
stickster AIUI, Jared actually has spent time in Santiago before, so that should be a really effective trip for him as FPL 18:11
stickster He speaks some Spanish (and I think a little Portuguese though he's really humble about it) 18:11
stickster I think it's a great opportunity to start things off showing our LATAM friends that they are an important part of our global community 18:12
smooge oh that would be very nice 18:12
smooge maybe we can see a growth area for us there 18:12
stickster Just as Max did in EMEA, in part by living there for a time to help their growing Ambassador community 18:12
stickster Any other questions about Jared? 18:13
smooge Not without seeing him 18:14
smooge I have no picture to place him 18:14
stickster smooge: I think he has a website, you can google him 18:14
mizmo are you gonna take some PR photos of him while in RDU? 18:15
ctyler smooge: picture on his fp wiki profile: User:Jsmith 18:15
stickster mizmo: Yes, we are going to get a head shot while we're there, although we probably won't have time for a video shoot 18:15
* stickster has meet & greets planned with a bunch of different departments after orientation ends on Tuesday midday 18:15
smooge ah ok so he is not the singer or the poet 18:15
stickster Then we have to get him on a plane on Tuesday evening to Chile :-) 18:15
stickster It's a whirlwind start for the new FPL! 18:16
smooge ok thanks. got it 18:16
stickster smooge: Is he at I can't recall the URL, feel free to post 18:16
rdieter yes, 18:17
stickster Thanks! 18:17
smooge Yes it is I see the ssh post he had 2 weeks ago 18:17
stickster Great. 18:17
stickster Let's move on so we can get to community Q&A by :30 18:17
stickster Just as a reminder, Jared's got limited email access until next week, but you'll see him around a bit more then, and a lot more once his LATAM travel ends. 18:18
stickster #topic 18:18
stickster 18:18
stickster That was a discussion where one of our contributors was wondering about having a subdomain point to a page. I explained there why I thought that might not be the best idea, as opposed to a truly community-run site, which is why we set up fc.o in the first place. 18:19
* jds2001 is horribly lagged o na wwan connection 18:19
stickster I hadn't seen any Board members disagree with what I wrote there 18:19
rdieter stickster: I think I would agree with your initial assessment 18:20
smooge Yes I would prefer it to be there. What can we do to make fedoracommunity better? 18:20
stickster smooge: First things first 18:20
stickster Do Board members believe that subdomains should refrain from pointing to, so that we can clearly preserve the community's ability to produce their own content on those sites 18:21
stickster ? 18:21
mizmo how much overlap is between community-content vs fedora-policied content? 18:22
stickster Let's get a show of hands, then we can discuss topics of making fc.o better on FAB 18:22
stickster mizmo: None, as was originally conceived 18:22
rdieter if pointing = redirects, I agree. Linking to stuff on should ok. 18:22
mizmo i dont see why pointing to the wiki is an issue 18:22
stickster It's the redirect that's the issue. 18:22
stickster rdieter: Right. 18:22
mizmo doesn't pointing mean redirect? 18:22
smooge mizmo, no HREF versus Redirect 18:23
stickster smooge: +1 18:23
mizmo why is one okay and not the other? 18:23
stickster The intent of the domain is to make it clear that the Fedora Project and Red Hat are not responsible for the content there. 18:23
stickster That way a local community can feature content that might not be acceptable on, say, the Fedora wiki. 18:23
stickster Laws are different around the world. 18:23
spot yeah, i don't think blind redirects is the appropriate use of that domain 18:23
mizmo that doesn't make sense though. if they aren't planning to feature content that's a problem, then why do they have to build their own infrastructure? 18:24
smooge if it is on fedora's wiki we need to care about State Department rules 18:24
mizmo but you're assuming they will break them 18:24
stickster mizmo: They don't have to, but in that case we can provide them space on the wiki, without needing a special *.fc.o domain. 18:24
smooge no I am assuming I have to make checks that would make people uncomfortable in my checking 18:24
mizmo stickster, but there's value to having a vanity domain 18:25
ctyler mizmo: Consider a situation where we set up a redirect, but in the future the national community does set up a site. Do we change the redirect? That could break many established URLs. 18:25
stickster Any local community is free to use the wiki that way, or help localize our existing websites on *.fp.o without needing any special permission from anyone 18:25
mizmo yeh but then they wouldn't get a nice easily advertised domain 18:25
mizmo it's a lot nicer to say than 18:26
stickster mizmo: In that case, there's really nothing preventing us from setting up 18:26
mizmo ah okay 18:26
stickster If it's on fp.o, it's subject to the normal guidelines 18:26
stickster Whereas if it's on fc.o, local communities become their own lookouts 18:26
mizmo well *if* (and i am making an assumption) a local group would like the domain for vanity reasons and use the wiki, * maybe shuold be suggested to them 18:26
mizmo but that makes it harder too for users who are from country x who just want to find their home 18:27
mizmo then theres two patterns to try 18:27
stickster mizmo: That's true, but it was a compromise so that we could disconnect the "officialness" of the domain from the local community's ability to just build content and support their region. 18:28
mizmo stickster, can point to domains? eg maybe have a per country listing on the main index? 18:28
stickster mizmo: There's a big write up on the wiki about this, which a previous Board worked on: Local_community_domains 18:28
stickster mizmo: I think we need a good front page 18:28
mizmo yeh, i worry that this page is geared towards the community administrators and not the users in each locale 18:29
mizmo having a nice index on would be quite nice 18:29
stickster mizmo: It definitely is 18:30
stickster We should probably take that up with the Websites team and see if someone wants to create something, a mockup or a template 18:30
mizmo ill bring these points up on the list, sorry to take up so much time 18:30
stickster mizmo: No, great discussion 18:30
stickster Let's talk about this on the a-b list 18:30
mizmo with that information in mind, i agree a redirect might be problematic, but an html link + auto refresh might be problematic too no? 18:30
stickster Because there's definitely more we could do 18:30
mizmo but ill put it on the list :) 18:30
stickster brilliant 18:30
stickster #action mizmo will bring up some alternatives and additional solutions on the advisory-board list 18:31
stickster OK, moving on then. 18:31
stickster We're at :32 but I have to briefly cover one more item 18:32
stickster #topic Planet wiki page 18:32
stickster I made some changes here: Planet 18:32
stickster We had a few pages that were separately covering related information about the Planet 18:32
stickster So I pulled them together into one page 18:32
stickster And I adjusted redirects as needed on the wiki, so that if someone is looking for information on the planet, they will invariably end up on this page. 18:33
stickster It puts the purpose and guidelines first, and then explains how to add a feed to the Planet 18:33
* walters waits for wiki to load 18:33
* jds2001 is somewhat back 18:33
walters ah, must've hit a bad frontend, reload was instant 18:33
jds2001 and has been told sprint SUCKS in this building by a coworker :) 18:33
spot s/in this building// 18:34
stickster Now the page also recommends using a tag or category for Fedora so contributors have a choice on their blog whether they want a blog post to go to the planet or not. That can be very unclear for beginning bloggers. 18:34
stickster I don't think there's anything the needed here regarding the page, other than to invite the community to look at it and edit as with all things wiki. 18:34
stickster s/the needed/needed/ 18:34
spot looks sensible to me. 18:35
mizmo 1 18:35
* spot will need to find a new home for his near-nude copyright infringements though. 18:35
stickster None of the other stuff in the page, like the appropriateness guidelines, has changed from previous content. 18:35
stickster (I didn't sneak in and add a "no ponies!" clause) :-) 18:35
walters good thing, there would've been a revolt 18:36
mizmo it still would be nice 18:36
mizmo to do some of the things suggested in the thread 18:36
* jds2001 wants ponie! 18:36
mizmo like having a usable contact for every planet poster 18:36
mizmo in case of a problem or if someone wants to contact them (reasonably many folks have commenting turned off on their blogs) 18:36
jds2001 we do, theyall have fas accounts 18:36
stickster mizmo: Oh, if I missed something -- feel free to add it on the page. I suspect in a lot of cases people don't know what is desirable 18:36
stickster So we can start by laying it out more clearly in the instructions 18:37
mizmo jds2001, fas account isn't determinable by planet 18:37
mizmo stickster, its not something addressable by the page i think, we'd have to change the planet template 18:37
jds2001 mizmo: yeah, you have to dig through the generated config file 18:37
jds2001 which is shall we call it less than ideal. 18:38
stickster jds2001: Is this something where you and mizmo could put your heads together, and come up with a way to make it easier to find contact info for Planet feeds? 18:38
ctyler There was talk about having the config-file-generator add fas IDs (and possibly links), that would be an easy solution. 18:38
jds2001 stickster: sure thing! 18:38
rdieter ctyler: +1 18:38
stickster #info Might be able to have config-file generator add FAS IDs and/or links to make it easier to contact Planet posters when needed 18:39
mizmo i can talk to seth and add an infrastructure ticket to get it added 18:39
stickster mizmo: Excellent 18:39
mizmo #action mizmo talk to seth re FAS ids on planet and file infraticket if needed 18:39
stickster I think zodbot picks that up from non-chairs, right? 18:40
* stickster can never remember how that works. 18:40
smooge not usually 18:40
stickster OK 18:40
mizmo copy me! 18:40
stickster #action mizmo talk to seth re FAS ids on planet and file infraticket if needed 18:40
stickster I should just chair everyone, sorry, will do next time 18:40
smooge stickster is a copy cat stickster is a copy cat 18:40
stickster :-P  :-D 18:40
stickster #action jds2001 to help skvidal with tech side as needed 18:41
stickster OK, let's move on so we can get to the community stuff 18:41
stickster Any objections? 18:41
mizmo 1 18:41
rdieter move on++ 18:41
stickster OK 18:41
jds2001 1 to mizmo's +1 :) 18:41
stickster :-) 18:41
stickster #topic Community Q & A 18:41
stickster vwbusguy: Go ahead 18:43
stickster OK, he may be teaching, but in short: 18:44
stickster Does the board recommend Fedora contributors intently avoid offering support to citizens of embargoed countries? 18:44
spot the board isn't the appropriate entity to make such recommendations. 18:45
stickster This comes out of a question that I got from IRC contributors (I think Spot got the question separately also) 18:45
spot Fedora Legal would be. 18:45
smooge spot++ 18:45
stickster It's really a legal question, and not a Board question -- the Board doesn't give legal advice as far as I know 18:46
jds2001 im in no posistion to give legal advice on behalf on fedora, and i suspect that the majority of the board is in the same boat. 18:46
jds2001 or on behalf of anyone else, for that matter :) 18:46
smooge dealing with 'embargoed' countries is one of those we would be messing with US laws but may be messing with some EU law that says a contributer has to help (say for hunan rights or something). I think the board should ask for guidance before anything else 18:46
* spot happens to know that Fedora Legal is willing to address any such questions, either privately or on the public mailing lists. 18:47
smooge spot, how can people reach fedora legal on that 18:47
stickster smooge: +1 18:47
jds2001 legal@lists.fp.o 18:47
stickster We have a list for legal matters -- legal@lists.fp.o 18:47
spot either in public on the mailing list or in private at 18:47
stickster #info Question: Does the board recommend Fedora contributors intently avoid offering support to citizens of embargoed countries? 18:48
stickster #agreed The Board can't give legal advice, but we have both an email contact and a list for legal matters 18:48
stickster #info <-- email contact 18:48
stickster #info <-- publiclist contact 18:49
* ctyler would like to know if the answer differs for US- and non-US-based contributors 18:49
spot ctyler: feel free to ask Fedora Legal. ;) 18:50
stickster ctyler: Almost certainly it does, as laws differ between nations. 18:50
stickster Let's move on 18:50
vwbusguy stickster, I'm sorry I had to go afk for a second 18:51
vwbusguy Does the board recommend Fedora contributors intently avoid offering support to citizens of embargoed countries? 18:51
stickster vwbusguy: No problem -- we answered above, in short: the Board can't give legal advice, but we can definitely talk about this on the legal list 18:51
stickster #link <-- legal list signup, forgot that link earlier 18:52
vwbusguy does the board have any recommendations in the meantime, before Fedora-legal addresses this? 18:52
smooge patience would be mine 18:53
spot I hear good things about Lev Grossman's "The Magicians" 18:53
stickster vwbusguy: Nothing further at this time, no 18:54
vwbusguy heh, I mean specifically in regards to communication with an individual who addresses themself as being from an embargoed country, say to our email address? 18:54
vwbusguy ok 18:54
mizmo i would think in that situation the thing to do would be to contact fedora legal 18:54
mizmo we do have at least one other community issue that was brought up 18:55
mizmo and 5 minutes 18:55
stickster mizmo: Yes, let's move on 18:55
stickster Thanks for the question vwbusguy 18:55
stickster Originally we started these IRC meetings as a way to provide more transparency to what the Board does, beyond our meeting minutes, and more contact with the community at large. 18:56
stickster inode0: Do you have suggestions for how we could improve these meetings? Do you think they would function better if they were Q & A only? 18:57
* spot drops a pin 18:59
mizmo so inode0 may be pulled away right now, ill summarize from his conversatoin in the questions channel 19:00
mizmo he is concerned that community question periods in these meetings normally get < half of the meeting time 19:00
mizmo he suggested maybe having the community questions upfront would ensure the community would have their input 19:00
mizmo EvilBob also made a remark he felt like they were being ignored in the questions channel and 'relegated' 19:00
* spot has no problem with flipping the order. 19:00
smooge me either 19:00
mizmo rdieter brought up a good point on that though 19:00
mizmo in that we'll be waiting for questoins up front 19:01
mizmo so i had suggested we do agenda item > question > agenda item > question 19:01
stickster There was an even better alternative suggested, which is to interleave the order 19:01
mizmo so during each agenda item people can queue up questions 19:01
smooge well the other is make the meeting longer 19:01
* jds2001 reminds folks that the board memebers are available for Q&A at any time, not just twice a month :) 19:01
spot jds2001: +1 19:01
mizmo another idea is like when we have designated secretaries, have one for these irc meetings and their job is to monitor the questions channel and queue up the questions 19:01
mizmo so it runs more smoothly 19:01
stickster jds2001: +1, We're all on IRC pretty constantly 19:01
smooge that is true jds2001 but it does not get the public viewing that people feel is needed at times 19:01
stickster mizmo: Usually I've tried to do that, but I have to admit it's tougher when there's an agenda to run too. I've tried to keep our agendas to <= 30 minutes 19:02
mizmo having the impetus of the meeting to bring up questions is convenient though and everyone can see the questoin at once, it's valuable 19:02
stickster but it's hard to foresee when there will be questions coming up from the Board itself 19:02
mizmo stickster, you shldnt have to do both at once 19:02
rdieter can we try mixing in questions as they arise next time, and see how it works? 19:03
smooge mizmo, actually after this meeting... I don't think he will ahve to :) 19:03
mizmo lol 19:03
stickster smooge: mizmo: :-D 19:03
stickster Well, in any case, I want things to work well for the community and also for the next FPL 19:03
stickster I am all for switching the format so that we can more effectively communicate 19:03
spot stickster: agreed 19:04
jds_droid I would not object to running these like a fesco meeting 19:04
jds_droid One channel 19:04
stickster Using the ! type method of putting a hand up? 19:04
jds_droid Fesco isn't that formal 19:05
stickster jds_droid: I suspect that could get really messy with some of the topics we discuss here, though. 19:05
stickster People are very passionate (and that's good), which makes meetings in that fashion break down quickly 19:05
jds_droid Generallyh folks behave themselves :) 19:05
jds_droid I can see where that could happen 19:06
jds_droid But cross that bridge when we get there 19:06
jds_droid In an appropriate way given the circumstance aat the time 19:07
smooge I would like to try a topic/q&a/topic/q&a and then move to openfloor at end. Meetings may need to be longer 19:07
rdieter ok, 2 baby-step things I'd propose as formalizing suggestions made so far: 1. have a designated secretary for irc meetings, to monitor questions channel , 2. allow questions during or in between formal agenda topics 19:07
mizmo from the questions channel 19:07
mizmo <stickster> I think an automated queue manager would be a great way to handle it, if we could teach zodbot to do it for instance 19:07
stickster rdieter: Should we simply extend our secretarial duty from normal meetings, and make IRC part of that rotation? 19:08
mizmo there was a suggestion to teach zodbot to manage a queue so folks in the questions channel could use a command like #question to have a question queued 19:08
rdieter stickster: maybe, though heck, it could be anyone really. doesn't have to be a board member 19:08
stickster rdieter: Board Member A does sec'y duty for call in week 1, Board Member B does sec'y duty in IRC for week 2, etc. 19:08
ctyler Maybe secretarial until zodbot can take over. 19:08
rdieter but if we want to start with a board member doing it, that's fine. as long as it gets done 19:09
mizmo that board member shuld be identified ahead of time or in the questions channel topic so folks can highlight it 19:09
stickster OK, let's start by just making this part of the secretarial duty then. 19:09
mizmo like if im doing it, someone says mizmo i have a question then i know to look at the questions tab 19:09
stickster That's already listed on our Board meetings category page, anyway 19:09
stickster So it's easy to find and put in the announcement on the mailing list and zodbot 19:10
mizmo i dont think we should take away voicing either 19:10
stickster We can just adjust the schedule appropriately 19:10
jds_droid Mizmo what do you mean 19:10
mizmo there is some discussion in questions about queuing people or queuing questions, both rdieter and i agree queuing people is better 19:10
stickster I like having people come in and ask their own quesetions 19:10
stickster *questions 19:10
rdieter yup 19:11
mizmo jds_droid, rather than queuing questions and the secretary asking the question in here, the secretary should voice the *person* to ask it themselves in here 19:11
caillon have we ever tried just an open discussion, btw? (ie no voice/ops required to speak) 19:11
caillon might be worth trying that once to see how that works... 19:11
stickster caillon: I think we did that on a far-back Board 19:11
caillon if it turns out that it's too noisy, we could revert back to the current way of doing things 19:11
jds_droid Mizmo: yeah, that way folks can do followup 19:11
caillon stickster, hm, IIRC i was on the first board IRC mtg and I don't remember that. 19:12
stickster caillon: As mizmo can attest, my memory's crummy. 19:12
jds_droid I agree that trying caillon's idea is good 19:12
stickster Kids are a great excuse for that ;-) 19:12
mizmo they leave behind cookie crumbs 19:13
mizmo i have another idea 19:13
mizmo on the questions 19:13
mizmo what if people could submit them ahead of time 19:13
mizmo then theres no needfor interleaeving 19:13
* caillon needs to head out now, but would be interested in following up on f-a-b 19:13
stickster mizmo: Sure, that's what advisory-board is for in a way. 19:13
stickster q.v. Our agenda today. 19:13
mizmo kk 19:14
stickster caillon: thanks 19:14
mizmo inode0 suggests opening up the questoins channel 15 min ahead of time 19:14
smooge mizmo, I thought the mailing list and #irc channel were places for people to ask questions openly 19:14
mizmo the concern here is community members being able to meet their obligations if the meeting runs over 19:14
stickster mizmo: What we have to be careful to avoid, is making all activity and discussion hinge on an hour or so in IRC, rather than using our async opportunities on the mailing list. 19:14
mizmo yeh 19:14
jds_droid The questions channel is 24/7 19:15
mizmo mailing list isnt always the best format to discuss a concern though 19:15
mizmo and irc can be hard if not everybodys around 19:15
stickster mizmo: It's funny you mention going over -- because that's why, when we have agendas, we put them first 19:15
mizmo #advisory-board might be a good place 19:15
mizmo it sounds like inode0 is suggesting community folks priority is questions over agenda topics 19:15
smooge personally I try to go by the rule: If its not on a mailing list, its not been documented/asked. IRC is fine for some discussions but the threading here really sucks at times. [Plus I type slow] 19:15
mizmo which can be read about in the logs after 19:15
mizmo and aren't interactive for them 19:15
jds_droid Yeah. There is no place to genrally find the board on irc 19:16
mizmo "I have asked questions on f-a-b - they don't generate board discussion ... I fell lucky if two board members respond to anything I post there" 19:16
smooge #fedora-advisory-board? 19:16
stickster mizmo: I think what I'm trying to say (badly) is that we probably all have the same concerns in mind, and we're not sure whether we're meeting all of them currently, so a change is welcome 19:16
jds_droid We all know where each ogther hang out 19:16
mizmo maybe there should be some keyword or signal to get a question on the list queued up for agenda 19:16
stickster mizmo: Like "Can we add this to the next IRC agenda?"? 19:17
mizmo yep 19:17
* stickster opts for plain language 19:17
mizmo how does stuff get selected 19:17
jds_droid But there is no canonical location for the board on irc 19:17
stickster Didn't someone start #fedora-advisory-board? 19:17
jds_droid Dunno, I didn't know if so. 19:18
stickster #info There is a #fedora-advisory-board IRC channel where Board members can generally camp 19:19
stickster OK, so where does this leave us with this topic? 19:19
mizmo yes #fedora-advisory-board 19:19
stickster We have no automated sec'y right now. 19:19
mizmo we have a number of suggestions, we need to make a decision on which to do 19:20
stickster Shall we have a Board member do rotating moderation duty starting next IRC meeting? 19:20
mizmo automated secretary or manual secretary for #questions channel 19:20
mizmo no #wuestions channel, no moderation 19:20
mizmo open up #questions channel 15 minutes earlier 19:20
mizmo board members hang out in #fedora-board-meeting for questions when they can 19:20
mizmo er #fedora-advisory-board 19:20
spot feel free to keep going, but i have to bail 19:20
stickster Why don't we go for broke in the next meeting, just have everyone here and no special voicing? 19:20
mizmo you can have an item added to the agenda by specifying you'd like so on the fab list 19:21
stickster And then we can dial back as needed if that doesn't work, a little bit at a time until we find the right balance? 19:21
jds_droid 1 19:21
mizmo 1 19:21
ctyler 1 19:21
spot 1 19:21
* mizmo really doesn't like folks feeling shut out in the separate channel 19:21
rdieter 1 19:21
smooge 1 19:21
stickster mizmo: I don't think any of us do :-\ 19:21
mizmo how about the meeting order 19:22
stickster #agreed Next IRC meeting will be wide-open in #fedora-board-meeting, no special voicing. If that doesn't work, we will dial back a little at a time to find a good balance of order vs. openness 19:22
stickster mizmo: We can agree to save agendas for our alternating meetings on the phone, as far as I'm concerned 19:22
mizmo okay cool, so it'll be all community? 19:22
mizmo for irc? 19:22
stickster mizmo: Sure, we've done it before 19:23
mizmo yay 19:23
stickster About half the time we come in with no agenda. 19:23
stickster OK, so show of hands: Shall we put Q & A first in future IRC meetings for the time being? 19:23
mizmo 1 19:24
rdieter yes, +1 19:24
* stickster thinks this is probably a helpful exercise for each new Board to find its preferred balance 19:24
jds_droid 1 19:24
jds_droid Urgent issues should be on the list anyhow 19:25
* stickster sees only 3 people voting 19:25
ctyler 1 19:25
jds_droid Anyhow, I gotta run 19:26
stickster Thanks jds_droid, that's the last thing we'll put up for hands here. 19:26
stickster smooge: ? 19:26
stickster walters: ? 19:26
smooge one sec 19:27
smooge 1 19:27
stickster heh, OK 19:27
stickster #agreed Put Q & A first in future IRC meetings 19:27
stickster And with that, let's call it a wrap here. I'll get the notes to the list. 19:28
stickster Thanks everyone for attending, and for the great questions and input. 19:28
stickster #endmeeting 19:28

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