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Fedora Board Meeting, 2012-02-29

  • Secretary: Jaroslav Reznik
  • Meeting Type: Phone


  • Robyn Bergeron
  • Peter Robinson
  • Jaroslav Reznik (gobby only, still trying)
  • Jon Stanley
  • Christoph Wickert
  • Toshio Kuratomi
  • Rudi Landmann
  • Rex Dieter
  • Guillermo Gomez



  • David Nalley


Meeting Notes

  • Trademarks update
    • No update at the moment
  • GSoC
    • How many people did we have last summer?
    • We need someone (or more than one) who is happy to commit for the full duration of the program
    • Robyn to write blog post about needing a volunteer to wrangle GSoC, get time estimate from Karsten by tomorrow
    • Gomix will try to involve some people from rpmdev latam area (Nushio was at GSoC last year AFAIK)
    • Rudi
      • Help to streamline the docs publishing process
      • Process is somewhat cumbersome
      • Multifaceted including a number of teams
      • Focusing on procedural
      • Infrastructure - hw requests, testing etc.
      • Gomix working on new docs in not english as first language, just as a reminder on procedures for such kind of documents (as SMG).
    • Rex
      • Try to sponsor over the next release cycle sponsor/mentor 3 new contributors
      • Small goal due to time contraint with aim for quality new contributors
    • Christoph
      • the question is - how to make the three different election guidelines more streamlined, to have one common guideline (from the Board member perspective)
      • to have someone from FESCo to cooperate on this task, Christoph to go with FAmSCo
  • Ticket #133 - Fedora LTS and rolling release
    • sounds like a question whether Red Hat would be interested to help with?
    • LTS for Fedora versions that will become RHEL later (but not overlapping with RHEL?)
    • What is the question to put to Red Hat?
    • What would Red Hat be willing to provide towards implementing a Fedora LTS?
      • More hardware to Fedora for hosting packages, building, etc?
      • More infrastructure system admins to maintain the hardware?
      • Pay engineers to work on their packages throughout the lifecycle of the LTS?
  • Ticket #80 - Ways to improve Board Q&A
  • Ticket #89 - Discuss possible support burden from Fedora Remixes
    • very old ticket, close and ask Jóhann for more input
  • There are several TM tickets
  • - revisit updates vision
    • the idea was to revisit update vision language after a release/two (how does it work)
    • "... only fix bugs and security issues" language, reported by Rex

Open Floor

  • Robyn will be gone for next week's IRC meeting
    • Jaroslav Reznik will run next week's IRC meeting
  • Toshio will be gone for the next two weeks

Next Meeting

Next meeting will be IRC on 2012-Mar-07 at 18:30UTC.