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Fedora CommOps Team Meeting Minutes 2016-07-05

Meeting Time


This week's CommOps Meeting will be led by jflory7.

  • The participants will be posted after the meeting.

Meeting Protocol

  • To help improve the flow of the meeting, using the IRC Meeting Protocol is encouraged, as modeled by the EMEA Ambassadors.
  • Please follow the Meeting Protocol where possible.


CommOpsers, update this agenda with your latest items before the meeting has started.
  • #startmeeting Fedora CommOps (2016-07-05)
  • #meetingname commops
  • #nick commops
  • #chair <given to approved members of FAS group at meeting>

  • #topic Roll Call / Q&A
    • #info Name; Timezone; Sub-projects/Interest Areas
    • If this is your first time at a CommOps meeting, feel free to introduce yourself to everyone and say hello! If anyone has any questions before we get started with the rest of the agenda, now is also a good time to ask.

  • #topic Action items from last meeting
    • #link
    • #info How This Works: We look at past #action items from the last meeting for quick follow-up. If a task is completed, we move on to the next one. If it isn't, we get an update and re-action it if needed. If no status, we'll try to get a quick update and move forward.
    • #info === [COMPLETE] jflory7 Move forward with making final plans for vFAD or reconsider plans for Flock workshop (???) ===
    • #info === [COMPLETE] jflory7 Follow up in #fedora-flock about Fedocal for Flock or if any previous action items need follow-up ===
    • #info === [INCOMPLETE] jflory7 Open a ticket to look into drafting an (automated?) check-in email with members of CommOps to determine activity ===
      • #action jflory7 Open a ticket to look into drafting an (automated?) check-in email with members of CommOps to determine activity
    • #info === [COMPLETE] jflory7 Write up an initial draft of a wiki page outlining the process for Ambassadors specifically to request assets from the Design Team, include plans to reach out to regional Ambassadors from all regions with this information later ===
    • #info === [IN PROGRESS] jflory7 Get on top of editing this week and schedule some of these articles for this / next week, reply back to authors waiting for a response ===
      • #action jflory7 Continue working through Community Blog queue after receiving feedback from authors
    • #info === [COMPLETE] skamath File a Badges ticket for the Modularity WG on-boarding badge, write basic YAML file for awarding the badge based on previous badge ticket (#464) ===
    • #info === [COMPLETE] jflory7 Work on getting a wiki page created for the CommOps F23 retrospective ===
    • #info === skamath Work on generating data from CommOps contributions and shaping interpretations from the data for the retrospective (cc: bee2502 to help relate this to GSoC work, possibly?) ===

  • #topic Release Schedule
    • #link
    • #info The CommOps Fedora 24 retrospective wiki page is now up. Anyone who has contributed or participated in CommOps this release cycle is HIGHLY encouraged to add feedback to the page with their thoughts and opinions about our performance as a team this release. Please take 10 - 20 minutes to add your own thoughts and ideas to the page this week. This helps us improve and grow as a team.
    • #link
    • #action commops Add thoughts and feedback about CommOps performance this release to the retrospective page
    • #action jflory7 Add personal thoughts to F24 CommOps retrospective

  • #topic Open Floor

Meeting summary and action items

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