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Roll call

Max Spevack, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Jack Aboutboul, Harish Pillay

Last week


  • created maps for a new metric of wiki edits] .
  • updated and cleaned up older statistics stuff.
  • started work on a press release for
  • chat with famsco about focusing their efforts, goals, leadership, statistics, etc.
  • first draft of interns for 2008 .
  • attended EMEA Ambassadors meeting
  • brainstorm with Greg and Tiemann about community consulting.
  • start looking into immigration issues for Europe move.
  • letter of commendation for Joerg Simon.
  • open source index meeting.
  • continue LinuxTag planning.
  • sent a note to Satish about Fedora stuff in India.
  • drafted my FY09 goals .


  • all of Lulu's old code is in a git repo on
  • still trying to get all the Fedora TV stuff in a test environment.
  • working on IEEE paper for Open Source Education.
  • community consulting brainstorming.


  • Florida Linux Show and trip report .
  • Fedora/RHEL @ Kennedy Space Center.
  • beginnings of university tour schedule.
  • no answer back from thinkgeek, work with someone else for university tour swag.


  • Harish's status is waiting on budget being official.
  • Final budget should be coming this week.
  • Expense reports need to be filed.
  • North/South America ambassadors meeting? Greg has the ball for their 2008-03-03 meeting.

LATAM (Greg)

  • FISL team has submitted a list of things they'd like us to pay for.
  • list of potential travelers is coming together.
  • chatted w/ Pablo Barrera about Fedora Day Argentina.

Community consulting (Greg)

  • func is getting lots of attention.
  • corporations are asking how they can be involved.
  • using this as a straw man for a business case for a "community consulting" service.
  • case study on how func, which came from Red Hat's emerging technologies, becomes a "supported technology" and a product.

LUG Radio Live

  • discussed whether or not we can make it to LUG Radio Live (April 12-13).

This week


  • get Harish into cla_redhat.
  • keep working on the intern stuff.
  • keep an eye on LinuxTag.
  • get back to the LUG Radio Live folks.
  • try to get final signoff from mchen, jim, mszulik on my personal FY09 goals.
  • ping Jef Spaleta about video camera.
  • report to f-a-b.
  • community architecture page on intranet.


  • keep digging on the Fedora TV codebase, licenses, etc.
  • add Fedora TV intern to interns page.
  • figure out Fedora TV money situation.
  • work on community consulting deck.
  • report to Fedora Board.
  • finish IEEE paper.


  • show plan and schedule for university tour.
  • begin to plan out what the presentation will look like (Truth Happens, You Are Here, Crash, Community)
  • need to figure out what marketing materials will be used/given out.
  • contact Leigh Day about press stuff.


  • get blog on Fedora Planet.
  • a few entries about the conference he is at in Beijing.