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quaid <meeting id="Websites"> 15:04
* ianweller picks up the phone . o O (next meeting? where are youuuuuu) 15:04
ianweller also, i'm here 15:04
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* quaid is here, too 15:04
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* ricky 15:06
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ianweller this is starting to look a lot like last week's websites meeting 15:06
* quaid looks at ... 15:06
quaid Websites/Tasks 15:06
quaid yeah, I vote for the perpetual meeting 15:07
ricky Same 15:07
quaid from 2000 to 2300 UTC 15:07
quaid just takeover and go slooooow 15:07
ricky Hehe 15:07
ylynfatt quaid: I haven't done anything else yet on the fp.o/contact since my last message to the mailing list but the link to the preview is as follows: 15:07
quaid ricky: it is nice having a weekly nag session, uh, I mean, reminders to get on a task I may hve forgotten about. 15:08
ylynfatt I suppose that's my progress update. 15:08
ricky Looks goouLooks good 15:08
ricky Um, whoops :-) 15:08
ianweller um 15:09
ianweller for the one task taht i do own, i just created the ticket for it on fedora-infrastructure 15:09
ianweller like i was supposed to do last week. (oops) 15:09
ricky Any further comments on the contact page? 15:09
ricky If that's good and done, we can look at getting that updated after the meeting 15:10
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ricky Hey, giarc 15:10
giarc hey ricky 15:10
quaid one comment on the contact page 15:10
* ianweller high fives giarc for no particular reason 15:11
quaid can we crop off the bottom of the Apache Test Page screenshot? 15:11
ylynfatt quaid: you mean all that whitespace? 15:11
ricky Yeah, we can definitely save that sapce 15:11
ricky **space 15:11
* giarc high five ianweller for being ianweller 15:11
ianweller \o/ 15:11
quaid ylynfatt: most of it, I guess 15:11
giarc s/five/fives 15:11
ylynfatt sure, umm...when I get home I'll try make the adjustment 15:12
quaid ylynfatt: I scrolled and stopped, thinking that was the end of the contact page 15:12
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ylynfatt quaid: hehe okay 15:12
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ricky ylynfatt: Is that a plain HTML page, or was it generated from a genshi template? 15:12
ylynfatt ricky: that was just a plane HTML page 15:12
ylynfatt ricky: but I do have the genshi template on my home pc. 15:12
quaid ylynfatt: oh, also, the link to the server teste page on the wiki is now, save a redirect :) 15:13
ricky Ah, cool - whenever you can get ahold of that, ping me and we can get it pushed 15:13
ylynfatt ricky: sure no prob. 15:13
ylynfatt quaid: thanks 15:13
ricky Are there any other contact groups that we can think of to add there? 15:13
* quaid plays secretary with the task list 15:14
ylynfatt ricky: maybe the Documentation group? 15:14
ricky Hmm, could adding the docs group confuse people looking for support? 15:15
ricky quaid: We can probably remove the docs.fp.o one :-) 15:16
ricky All right, no update on the infrastructure stuff from me yet. I'll hopefully be working more on improving the web building process soon 15:17
quaid how about ... 15:17
quaid user accounts? infrastructure issues? 15:17
quaid or do we filter that through webmaster@? 15:17
ricky Good call, those would go to 15:17
quaid k 15:17
ricky (accounts@fp.o goes to the same place as admin@) 15:17
ricky Perhaps press@fp.o as well. 15:19
ylynfatt so add something for user accounts/infrastructure? and press as well? 15:19
quaid ooh, press, yes 15:19
ricky Yup 15:19
ylynfatt oki doki 15:19
ricky Thanks for working on this! 15:20
ricky kanarip: ping (any update on spins.fp.o?) 15:20
ylynfatt ricky: no problem. It's the least I could do. 15:20
quaid ylynfatt: I have a few small grammatical bits on that page; I can write them up for the current version, you can merge what makes sense in to the document 15:20
ylynfatt quaid: sure, no prob. 15:21
* quaid notes more style than grammatical, but whatever; small stuff 15:21
quaid let's see now ... 15:21
-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Websites team mtg :: working down the task list 15:21
quaid no jonrob around today that I see 15:22
kanarip ricky, no volunteers on the list so i guess i'm going to figure out how to edit images myself 15:22
quaid kanarip: stall on spins wireframe? 15:22
kanarip so far, yes 15:22
ricky kanarip: Perhaps it would be a good idea to start work on the backend first 15:23
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kanarip i have no time to work on a backend but i see your point 15:23
ricky Yeah. It's a pretty big project 15:24
quaid is there any way 15:24
quaid we can break it down to easier-to-digest 15:24
quaid ... somethings ... 15:25
quaid not knowing who was supposed to program it in the first place ... 15:25
kanarip no-one knew who was supposed to program it i guess 15:26
quaid well, that may not be as much of a problem as we think, on the face of it 15:26
quaid if we can find a way to enable people to contribute in quick, meaningful ways 15:26
ylynfatt I'm a bit out of the loop but what's required for the backend of spins site? 15:26
* ricky isn't 100% sure about what the technical requirements are at the moment 15:27
* kanarip still has to merge a server-client-devel branch of revisor 15:27
quaid 15:28
quaid that is the sitemap 15:28
quaid but what does it do? 15:28
* ricky doesn't know where to start :-) 15:28
ricky I guess it takes a kickstart file (or provides a means to generate one) 15:28
kanarip it sketches utopia:// 15:28
quaid heh 15:29
ricky Then then builds a spin, allowing the author to attach metadata to it 15:29
ricky s/then/it 15:29
quaid ERR: protocol "utopia" unknown 15:29
kanarip quaid, i rest my case ;-) 15:29
* ricky isn't sure how practical the "building the spin" part would be for infrastructure. 15:29
giarc it's supposed to build the spin on the fly? 15:30
quaid build, host, social tagging and karma, my view, the works 15:30
kanarip yes, that too 15:30
ricky kanarip: How realistic do you think the spin-building is on a large scale? 15:31
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* ricky has no idea how intensive these things are 15:31
kanarip builds knock down 100% CPU in ~4% of the build time of about .5-1 hour 15:32
ricky Yow 15:32
kanarip memory footprint shouldn't go over 500-700MB for a huge transaction 15:32
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kanarip ricky, it's just a huge yum thing and then a squashfs thing basically 15:33
ricky Ah. 15:33
ricky So perhaps we should talk to infrastructure a bit and make sure that the goals are realistic 15:33
kanarip well!!... 15:34
kanarip if anything, i'd just like /a/ build host 15:34
kanarip then i can do hub vs. builder stuff just by using localhost as well 15:35
ricky mmcgrath: Are you around to talk about spins.fp.o goals right now? 15:35
-!- DemonJester [n=DemonJes@fedora/DemonJester] has joined #fedora-meeting 15:36
kanarip just /a/ build host helps out on more then just this end as well 15:36
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mmcgrath ricky: I am, but only for a bit. whats up? 15:37
* mmcgrath has dinner guests coming over soon 15:37
ricky So right now, it looks like the goal for spins.fp.o is let people build their own spins - is this feasible for us to run? 15:37
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ricky kanarip knows more about the technical needs 15:38
mmcgrath well, spins isn't part of a buildsystem, its part of distribution. 15:38
mmcgrath There has been talks, a couple of times, about having a spins build system but I'm not aware of its status or anything 15:38
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kanarip do we really, really have to get everyone involved before there is even a show-case? 15:39
quaid perhaps interested people 15:40
ricky I just want to make sure that we don't create something that can't be run anywhere 15:40
quaid can request a publictest instance and give it a start? 15:40
kanarip quaid, potential contributors to this specific goal, yes 15:40
quaid ricky: it would help, then, to create it by actually running it _somewhere_ to start :) 15:40
quaid kanarip: right, specific goal 15:40
kanarip ricky, if nothing else, i'll host it 15:40
ricky I can try and get a publictest up if we have anybody interested in working on it 15:40
ricky kanarip: OK, I'm not afraid of that problem anymore, then :-) 15:41
kanarip i just do not have anything to show to anyone wrt. a build system for spins other then the work loupgaroublond has done on server-client-devel, that still has to be merged with master 15:41
quaid with this group of ppl here 15:42
loupgaroublond i see my name here... 15:42
quaid can we get a server up, building, with a basic web UI to take a KS and spit out an ISO? 15:42
quaid grey screen, upload text box, that's ti :) 15:42
ricky Sounds like a good goal to begin with 15:42
quaid it looks to be a central part of the workflow, anyway, and the part that needs more robustiness 15:43
* quaid trying for a Colbert-like neologism 15:43
kanarip i'm not setting that goal for myself because if i do i'm also getting fired 15:44
ricky Heh 15:44
quaid kanarip: back to the programming question ... 15:44
loupgaroublond IIRC we nearly had it doing that via client-server 15:44
kanarip loupgaroublond, yes, that has to be merged back to master 15:45
loupgaroublond ah, check 15:45
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kanarip i can do that if needed, clean conflicts up a little, make it work for rawhide a little 15:45
quaid and who can build out the publictest box? 15:46
* ricky can get a publictest built, but may not be able to dedicate much time to actually writing the spins app 15:47
* quaid can only update the task list with whatever we decide here 15:48
ricky OK, so the main challenge is to find people interested in working on this kind of project 15:49
ricky How do we want to go about finding people?  :-) 15:49
quaid one thing is doing as much as you can, talking about it 15:52
quaid to draw interest 15:52
quaid e.g. the wireframes, etc. 15:52
quaid in this case ... 15:52
ricky The question that comes to mind is: Who wants this? 15:53
kanarip rumors tell me red hat is interested 15:55
* quaid has no clue 15:55
kanarip loupgaroublond, i decided to push master => server-client-devel instead of pulling it into master 15:56
quaid ok, we're getting close to the hour mark 15:56
quaid any comments on the other tasks? 15:57
quaid CMS ... 15:57
ricky Any update on CMS? 15:57
quaid I am working on higher level project management stuff to enable everyone 15:57
quaid then I've got ... about 7 to 10 days at the end of this month that I'm hoping is enough to get through testing some CMSes 15:57
quaid do the manic, last minute thing :) 15:57
ricky Heh 15:58
* ricky knows that feeling well... with essays. 15:58
quaid oh, yeah 15:58
quaid "that's when I'm at my best!" 15:58
quaid get-fedora ... 15:58
quaid that has been a good discussion, I think mizmo has the lead in the UI argument 15:59
ricky I'll try try to dig up the latest revision and talk to mizmo about it/try to polish it a bit 15:59
quaid ricky: do you want to take on that task and roll all the various situtations up? 15:59
quaid heh, there ya'r 15:59
ricky Any help/javascript expertise would be appreciated :-) 15:59
* quaid wants to use a similar JS UI for Join stuff ... 16:00
quaid ok, anything more? 16:00
quaid we don't have to close, but it's the traditional hour :) 16:00
ricky Sounds good 16:00
ricky Thanks for coming, everybody! 16:00
quaid rock on 16:01
-!- ricky changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Channel is used by various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in #fedora | See for meeting schedule 16:01
quaid </meeting> 16:01

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