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The list

If the task has more than one action that cannot be listed here, make a new wiki page for it and link to it from this list.

Task Assignee(s) Due Date Status
Feedback mizmo, hiemanshu, markg85 ASAP See Websites/Tasks/Feedback
Usability research ? Open-ended Needs a status update, should check in. Old status: usability testing and discussion at FUDCon Brno; summarize Boston + Brno results and then act on them; screencasts of people doing usability testing would be nice (quaid)
Fixing MediaWiki redirect to use a 302 and leave a redirection notice on the target page so the original page can be returned to. ianweller Not set Researching with MW, considering a patch to submit upstream if we get our method correct. Infrastructure ticket. Working on this now and probably fixed within a couple weeks.
CSS kitchen sink - align current stylesheets in a layered model, then document how it all interacts as "The Way of Things". mizmo None Was waiting on Fedora Community to be released, but that happenened June 10.
Common look and feel CraigThomas Review weekly Next up on the hit list is - progress is being followed on list - we should also wait to see if we need a redesign before hitting this much. Craig says: "I started this task with planet.fp.o and have not done any of the work on the docs site...I am not certain who did. I am happy to continue with this if we figure out which sites are left. As far as I know planet and docs were the only 2 domains targeted as a re-design was maybe in the works."
Licenses ? Review next week Speak with TomCallaway about current status and Board's recommendation
Page Requests anybody ASAP Page requests at Websites/PageRequests


I can't help but think there must be a better way of keeping track of these. Mchua 18:41, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

Task Assignee(s) Due Date Status
Braindump thoughts on what needs to be improved to the wiki, as specific as possible. This should take 15-25 min at most. markg85 2009-06-12 Done. Websites/Brainstorms
Take 15 minutes, trying to remember as much of the conversation you and spevack had about how other distros do it (better or worse or differently compared to fedora), and writing that down on the wiki (it doesn't need to be coherent or even good, but it should exist so we have something to work with) markg85 2009-06-12 Done. Websites/Brainstorms
Gather a collection of pointers to as many design drafts and conversations about website stuff as possible, and link them all to the websites team wiki page, so we start getting a sense of who's talking where mchua 2009-06-12 Done. Websites/Brainstorms
Gather j.fp.o improvement resources mchua 2009-06-19 This will also be on Websites/Brainstorms. See old chat logs from ricky as a resource, and make sure dehaan's 12 points are visible. Done. ? ? Some vague list of things that would be nice ot have for this site, but nobody willing to do the work for it. List, with old assignees: Kanarip to look for help with wireframe mockups for the site; he set a deadline of 13 Oct to get back with wireframes; mizmo plans to use the templates for MyFedora in some way; working on putting up a basic build server in the publictest space (ricky, kanarip, mmcgrath). This is in reference to Websites/Spins.
get-fedora ricky ? Done (but as this is an ongoing project, a new task should be created for the next milestone.) This is part of the 'act on them' from the usability testing task above.

We are building around [1]. Work will be posted to our test git repository, [2] which is pushed to our test web site every 10 minutes, [3]. ( Target date allows 2 weeks for string translation prior to F10 launch ).

Group join interstitial pages in FAS - People need to see/read a page that tells them what to do before requesting various FAS group accesses. ricky ASAP One early action is to remove the redundant Apply for a new Group link. Ricky working on getting this into FAS.

I think already completed (sijis)

CMS solution for Fedora Project websites Formerly Karsten, should move ? Waiting on docs moving to Zikula before it is considered for fp.o; Zikula is finishing package review and working up a plan with Infrastructure (all by User:Ke4qqq.)

Old Stuff?

We are scared of being stale, so we move anything that isn't being actively worked on from above to this list. It is not yet a dead list; think of it more as batter's box, where a task waits for its chance at being attended to. Another analogy is the side-burner; it's not put entirely on the back of the stove and turned off, it is more set on the side burners and turned to simmer.

Task Name Owner Target Date Status/Notes
Try out F11 from a new Fedora user's perspective. Generate commentary on that experience and the supporting website materials accessed during that process. mchua, markg85, anyone else who wants to join 2009-06-19 No longer needed.
Infrastructure site map ricky Not set Need to get a list of websites/lists they run. Ricky is aware of this task (2009-06-11).
Infrastructure release process ricky Not set We have a system that works pretty cleanly for this now, so this is hopefully ready.
Wiki Content Sponsorship - Look for a plugin to automate page sponsorship management in MW. Formerly Karsten, should move Review weekly No progress made, need to review proceed or not with the Wiki Czar.